DIY Water Blob


Oh friends I'm exhausted. Swim team started back this week (for the kids, I'm not hurting the eyes of the innocents with my bathing suit presence). It's always a crazy time when swim team starts. On Tuesdays we go straight from gymnastics to swim team followed by a crazy rush to clean the house and late dinner. On Wednesdays we start with a crazy rush to clean the house followed by swim team practice, literally throwing dinner into the kid's mouths and then a mad rush to church.  To top it off we still have regular chores, errands and school work today. Did I mention that all of Monday … [Read more...]

Handmade Giveaway Update

from a little birdie - wooden signs on ETSY

Howdy Ho Neighbors! The Handmade Giveaway here on Clumsy Crafter is on it's 6th week!  Here's the deal - I want to know what you think. Is it something you love? Are you finding great new Etsy shops to follow? Or would you rather not see a handmade giveaway here on Clumsy Crafter anymore? Let's rehash the shops we've seen so far. We saw amazing signs courtesy of From a Little Birdie.   I'll gladly take any of them. Then Crazy Bout Deco gave away a cute Easter Wreath. She has amazing decomesh wreaths.   Some of my friends from Shop Witty gave away dream … [Read more...]

Spring Wreath Ideas

10 Spring Wreath Ideas from Clumsy Crafter

There's a lot of great wreath ideas out there. While I'm busy working on a new spring / summer wreath this week I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite spring wreaths from the internet. There's so many great ideas for spring wreaths out there and the best news is that most of those ideas also come with a tutorial that tell you how to make them.  If you're looking and ready to make a spring wreath, than I hope you can use one of these to help guide you.  Naked doors need to be covered. They would do the same for you.  Without a doubt I'm going to be trying this … [Read more...]

Easter Weekend

clarareading 001

After a long and cold winter I made the decision last week to take advantage of spring. Thursday we hit up the Houston Museum of Fine Arts simply because it's free on Thursdays.  Yes, free things inspire my calendar.  Honestly I was surprised at how attentive all three girls were.  Don't worry, they're not perfect angels, but they were intrigued.  The middle one, Princess Goofy, was the most captivated. She would stand and just stare at the paintings she really liked. You could tell that she was getting lost in them, totally oblivious to her surroundings.  I would … [Read more...]

Happy Easter

Easter Shepherd lays down his life for the sheep

  Happy Easter friends. I hope your weekend is blessed and a sweet time spent with friends and family.     … [Read more...]

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