So Fresh and So Clean, Clean


I'm on the mend my friends.   Thanks for being patient while I got over a really bad Kidney Infection.  Tuesday I went back to the doctor and got a different prescription which really seems to be helping.   I haven't mentioned it lately but my right foot is also still in a medical walking boot (fancy cast). Monday I went to a different doctor and finally got a timeline for physical therapy and getting out of this boot! I also finally got the MRI results on my foot which showed my that Achilles Tendon has a small tear and I have damage to two other tendons. How did … [Read more...]

Pumpkins Are Just So Crafty….


Pumpkins are crafty little gourds.   They're lovable round little fellas that are easy to carve, decoupage, paint, transform or emulate with toilet paper and fabric. And it doesn't hurt that they're delicious as well.  The best part is that there are so many easy pumpkin crafts that work for both halloween and thanksgiving.  Sip a pumpkin latte while chowing down on some pumpkin cheesecake sweet rolls and pick yourself a pumpkin (craft) to make this week.  This Decoupaged Pumpkin by DIY Inspired is perfect to make now for your Thanksgiving table that will also … [Read more...]

The Bad Blogger with Funny Cat Videos

We all know that I'm a bad blogger. So much so that I kinda want to make the words bad blogger a link that will bring up funny cat videos just to compensate for it.  Kinda like this - bad blogger.  Ah. Now we all feel better since we watched some funny cat videos huh? This past week I didn't mean to desert you.  What I couldn't tell you in the interest of safety is that Mr. Byrd was gone for almost two weeks on a business trip, which was hard.  If that wasn't hard enough last Monday I woke up so extremely sick that I had to load the kids up in the van and we … [Read more...]

Super Heroes Vs. Plastic Roaches


Oh it's been a crazy past few days.  The short version is a secret project met some super heroes and a fairy princess and they had a wonderful tea party with plastic roaches.  It's crazy I told you.  Last week Mr. Byrd was gone on a business trip which sent me into a tailspin to finish a secret project before he got home. I can't tell you what the secret project was yet, you'll find out soon, but I only had a few days to paint our master bathroom and bedroom.  I had planned it all out in my head that Monday I would prepare both rooms. Tuesday I would paint our room … [Read more...]

The Wait is Over!

Chocolate toffee recipe with pop rocks candy, fun fall treat for kids

Christmas Crack... it's a wonderful thing for the most wonderful time of the year. But for some reason there's a pesky holiday we like to call Halloween that stands in our way, preventing us from the chocolately toffee goodness known as Christmas Crack. (If you don't know what I'm talking about don't worry - it's just saltines topped with toffee and chocolate.) So what's a girl to do when you just can't wait any longer? Simple.  Add a pop of fall traditions to your Christmas Crack. To start you need to make a normal recipe for Christmas Crack.  Now you can start the … [Read more...]

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