We’re Becoming Nudists.

There’s an awesome new wreath tutorial that I was going to share with you tonight but you might want a picture of the finished wreath huh? Ok so maybe tomorrow then.

Lately I’ve been super frustrated with the state of uncleanliness that our house has been. Let’s stop right there and have a little disclaimer; Our house is not anywhere close to being on hoarders. I can easily find all my animals and children, they are not 5 piles to the south of me right now. Plus this is not a blog that I’m asking for advice, not to be rude, this is just a post that should and will be considered a rant. Finally, I have an amazing husband that supports me 100% and still puts up with me after he discovers that I located my mother’s day gift and have been secretly using it, a lot.

Last week Mr. Byrd was out of town for the entire week but I couldn’t tell you that because who knows who you really are. Maybe robbery is a part time hobby of yours? I don’t judge, I just keep my family safe. While he was out of town the house really struggled to stay picked up.  One of the things that really motivates me to keep a great looking house is hearing him say when he walks in the door at night, “house looks great”.  Three little words make the next day that much easier to pick up. But he wasn’t here and I was here alone running around like a chicken with their head cut off. I tried to clean and was somewhat successful but we had a crazy week and I had to play with my mother’s day gift before he came back in town.

Now he’s back but I still can’t get control. It’s like all the teeny tiny toy accessory pieces are mating and multiplying.  There are Barbie shoes running amuck with Lalaloopsy hair brushes and it’s all gone to pot. Today alone on my dresser there was a package of wipes, a roll of packing tape, a tape measure, a toy mouse, a random washcloth, a shoe with chewed up shoe laces and some hair thingy-ma-bobs. That was on one tiny corner of the dresser!

Last week I walked around with an empty laundry basket and collected all the little bits of clutter. It took me forever to sort it out and put it back where it all belonged. In the creepiest voice you can imagine I will now say, “It’s baaaack.”  Yes, my house has clutter and I can’t figure out where it’s all coming from.

To make matters worse I haven’t seen our couch since last monday because I am trying to get all the laundry done. I think we have no other choice but to become nudists. I did finally find the sink tonight, that’s one miracle worth writing in the back of my bible.

Today was just rough in the cleaning department. Upstairs was so messy that we didn’t allow Princess Girly Girl to go to her gymnastics class. Tomorrow I’m going to teach her how to write an email and she’s going to write her teacher an email explaining why she wasn’t there. It’ll be loads of fun. I felt like all I did all day was clean while staring out the window at the gorgeous day.

I really hit the roof when I went into the dining room / school room. Two weeks ago I spent the entire day organizing the entire thing. All our school books where put exactly where they should be, there’s a cabinet full of art supplies, folders of work to be done and for what has already been finished. It was liberating….. for two weeks. Today I went in there and there was guinea pig food spilled all over the place, construction paper had exploded, pencils were strewn all over the room and there were toys, lots of toys everywhere. Behind a large picture that is leaning on the floor, waiting to be hung I found all the books I asked one child to put away yesterday. Another cabinet revealed a secret hiding place for childhood laziness.

I set to work cleaning up the guinea pig food and then decided to change out the guinea pig cage while I was at it. I took the guinea pigs out of the cage and put them on the tile area of our house to run free, closing all the doors leading to the carpeted areas so the mess would be contained and easy to clean. Then you can imagine my surprise when the entire contents of the cage spilled all over the floor in stinking piles of used bedding. I had to wrangle the most akward shop vac ever into the room, around the big table, and to the far end while the attachments were springing from the base and the lid kept coming off. I was down on my hands and knees vacuuming up the bedding off the carpet when I saw a guinea pig go running past me with a blur of white fure not far behind. One of the kids had opened all the doors up and let the guinea pigs loose on the carpet. The cat had been contained in the carpeted area. great.

Finally I had everything cleaned up and the cage was drying outside when I happened to gander past the dining room and see a ball of white fur sitting inside the lid of the cage on the table. I freed the cat and went about getting the girls ready for baths.

After they were bathed and drying off I went back through the dining room looking for my water and happened to look over to see the most pitiful dog ever now sitting in the cage on top of the table. I immediately knew it was time to put the cage back together and give up on cleaning for this year. Ooops, I mean day.

Later Princess Goofy confessed that she was the one that put the animals in the cage and we all had a good laugh about it, while sitting jammed together on the two visible couch cushions.


Bobbie is a homeschooling mom of three girls in the Houston area. Although most of her days are spent scrubbing up paint or ungluing her fingers, occasionally she also takes the time to burn dinner.


  1. says

    Pardon me as I’m choking because I’m laughing so hard! YES! I know what you’re going through. I was so afraid though that you were going to say that accidentally sucked the guinea pig up with the shop vac. Oh, dear. Now I have to go face my mess of a house, too.

    Just curious though, what’s the Mother’s Day gift you’ve secretly been using? I’m intrigued…

    • Bobbie says

      That would have been disturbingly hilarious. oh my goodness. But our guinea pigs are so fat I don’t think they would fit! Damion got me a new Nikon camera for Mother’s day. :) I posted about it tonight.

  2. says

    Have you tried labeling? Once you have decided what goes where, such as “this shelf is going to have construction paper and the basket of crayons”, put a label there. For young kids who aren’t reading yet, use visual labels such as photos or drawings. Take your family on a tour of the labeled spaces and hold them accountable.

    Another idea is a temporary holding box. One of my clients puts items she finds randomly through the house in a clear bin in the kitchen. Anything still in that bin on Friday morning is pitched, recycled, or donated – NO exceptions. After her son lost a treasured video game to this rule, all 3 children have been very responsible about putting their items away!

    • Bobbie says

      I love the idea of the temporary holding box. We do label everything. I just need to get more control to make sure our girls are putting things away, they would rather hide things.

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