Flowers and Life

Damion’s Aunt and Uncle’s house this weekend was the perfect place to play with my new camera. There were so many interesting plants and rocks in their front yard. That’s what happens when you live in the middle of nowhere and yes I do find rocks interesting. I’m either a nerd or easily amused, you be the judge.

Our life lately has been hectic. We’ve added swim team to our daily schedule. I’m sure the multiple activities are something that some parents are use to and consider to be nothing at all but to me it’s a whirlwind.  On wednesdays the girls have to change out of their swimsuits and back into regular church clothes in the car. Then I make them swallow their dinner whole and we sprint into church to drop them off for Awanas. Even the kid that travels at the speed of a sedated sloth has to boogy.

That child that moves at the speed of a sedated sloth and with the grace of a drunk elephant is on my heart tonight. I’m so worried that she’s not going to be able to pass the swim test on Monday and will be cut from the swim team. She’s tried but sometimes life is life. It just sucks with that life affects someone that you love so much.

My dad will be here on Friday. He’s kinda the neat freak that makes neat freaks look messy so I’m going to spend all day cleaning. Then I’m going to clean what I’ve cleaned and my house will still look horrible compared to his.

Princess Newbie has started having imaginary friends and animals to play with. She’s even given them different voices. It’s so sad to me because it means she’s growing up. Tonight she was trying to text on my phone. Tomorrow she’s going to ask me if she can meet her friends at the mall. Of course you can, just let me finish running the background checks on them and show you how we used to tease or bangs into oblivion when I hung out at the mall. Then you can go, if you wear your bangs still teased to the ceiling.

Princess Goofy is complaining of a sore throat. Her kindergarten graduation is on friday. Fingers crossed.

Is there a job where all you get to do all day is take pictures of nature? If there is sign me up! Just as long as that nature doesn’t have scales and slithers. Ugh. Oh and Mr. Byrd, thank you again for my mother’s day gift. It knocks my socks off.



Bobbie is a homeschooling mom of three girls in the Houston area. Although most of her days are spent scrubbing up paint or ungluing her fingers, occasionally she also takes the time to burn dinner.

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  1. Julie Galloway says

    Bobbie , I love your pictures! So would it be ok if I borrow your term ” child that moves at the speed of a sedated sloth and with the grace of a drunk elephant”? I have a child or two that would perfectly fall into that catagory of terminology when discribing there tactical way of movment in the world. I know how you feel about the girls growing up , I am going through the beginning phases of my oldest daughter wanting to go to the mall and hang out with her friends , being on the phone for way to long , wanting her own cell phone and me starting you concider the idea just so her friends will stop calling mine! Not being able to buy her any article of clothing without a roll of the eye and knowing if I pick it out she will never wear it , forget me showing her how to style her hair as awesome as mine was back then . She has seen photos of me at that age and given me the look like mom something was seriously wrong with you if you thought wearing your hair like that was Despite it all though at the end of the day she still comes and sits in my lap and wants to snuggle with me before bed and she still wants my opinion on how to deal with life and thats what really counts! 😀

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