Father’s Day Crafty Recap

damion2012smaller Fathers Day Crafty Recap

My husband is the hardest person to buy things for in the history of the world. No, really. A few weeks ago he bought his father’s day gift and then let me know that he had already bought himself something. If there is something that he wants that we can afford, he buys it without waiting. Therefore when you ask him what he wants for a gift, he always just shrugs and goes back to his sports game.

For the past few years I’ve just been trying to make him gifts and usually I can get them done like this Star Wars tool belt I made him two years ago.

starwarstoolbelt 1024x677 Fathers Day Crafty Recap

This year though Princess Newbie got really sick on Thursday and I didn’t think I would be able to finish anything. Saturday while he was busy I ran upstairs to my craft room and quickly finished everything off. Well everything except getting pictures for the pictures frames that the girls made for him. I tried, really I did but the one hour photo at CVS was really going to take 18 hours so I canceled the order and just gave him empty frames. He’s been married to me long enough to expect it.

blogfathersdaypictureframecraftssmall Fathers Day Crafty Recap

These are the frames that the girls made. Each girl got to pick out scrapbooking stickers at the store that reminded them of their dad and then we painted and decorated simple wooden frames. You can easily tell which one Princess Newbie did.

Next I made him a sign from Harry Potter that he’s been wanting for his office for awhile.

blogharrypotterplatformsign Fathers Day Crafty Recap

I love how it turned out except for the number 9. I might have to fix that in the future. He loved it too. I wrapped it in a black trash bag instead of actual wrapping paper. Those of you that take wrapping gifts seriously are probably dying right now. Sorry… I’m scatterbrained and cheap, not a good combination for remembering to buy expensive masculine wrapping paper when your house is full of girls.

blogfathersdaytshirtdress Fathers Day Crafty Recap

Finally I made last minute Tshirt dresses for Father’s Day. Every year I make the girls a father’s day themed shirt to wear on Father’s day like the Star Wars T-shirt, Baseball shirts, Daddy Be Crazy Shirts or My Daddy Rocks T-shirts. This year I had an epic one planned but the girl’s didn’t like that idea and threatened to boycott. So I wound up grabbing different supplies at the last minute. We took a woman’s small shirt, cut off the sleeves and tied shoulder portion of the shirt together using long fabric scraps. Finally I cut “dad” and a heart out of cardboard, layed them on the shirt and sprayed some watered down paint over the cardboard. I removed the cardboard letters/ heart and it left a great design behind. Princess Newbie had one too but she refused to wear it.

I hope he had a good father’s day and loved his gifts. After rushing this weekend to finish up his gifts and taking care of a sick child, I’m exhuasted.

Will someone come make me a maid? Anyone?

How was your father’s day? Did you make anything?


 Fathers Day Crafty Recap


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 Fathers Day Crafty Recap

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