Wax Paper Sun Catchers for Kids

I love decorating for fall. It’s soothing and just screams, “pumpkins!”. But the thing I like more than anything is letting my kids help with the decorations. So today we have an easy fall craft for kids that will work for all age groups. Wax Paper Sun catchers using melted crayons.


This is a very easy craft for children that does require adult participation. However in the end you’ll have some beautiful easy sun catchers that you can hang individually or string into a garland.

You will need; Wax Paper, Grated Crayons, an Iron, and and old towel. I used only fall colored crayons.

You do not need new crayons. Use the old beat up stubs or take the crayons that restaurants give you for your kids. If the restaurant gives you brand new crayons for every single child then you can be assured that they will just throw the used ones out when you leave. Stick them in your purse and save them for this project or the melted crayon art.

Start with one large piece of wax paper. For young kids you might want to put a crease down the middle of the paper since you’ll only be using crayon on one half.  (tip: this is also a great time to introduce younger kids to the 1/2 family of fractions).

For younger kids, just let them sprinkle the crayons on and spread them around with their fingers. Older children might want to grate the crayons in color groups and see what patterns they can make on the paper.

Now fold your wax paper in half.

Place your towel on top of your wax paper before ironing. If you iron directly on the wax paper, wax will stick to your iron. Don’t ask me how I know. Don’t let younger kids use the iron by themselves. Adult supervision is needed on this step.

Watch while you iron to make sure that the crayon isn’t geting too melted and turning into brown mush. I ironed the front for a few seconds and then flipped it over and ironed the back until well melted. If you find any melted wax on your work surface when you’re done then simply place the towel over the wax and iron with low heat. Eventually you should be able to wipe the wax right up with no problems.

Now you’re going to have this beautiful sheet of melted fall colors.

I traced around a leaf doily I had to get a leaf shape and then cut it out. Older children could cut out a more intricate shape but my 7 year old cut hers into traditional oval leaf shapes because it was easier for her.

When our leaves were all cut out we strung them on a long piece of twine and hung them in the windows. The light coming through them is beautiful and so cheery. It helps to glance at them in the morning when you’re trying to make your way through the haze to find the coffee pot.


Bobbie is a homeschooling mom of three girls in the Houston area. Although most of her days are spent scrubbing up paint or ungluing her fingers, occasionally she also takes the time to burn dinner.

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