Watching Duck Dynasty as a Family

Why Families should watch Duck Dynasty Together

If you know me than you know that I love Duck Dynasty. One of the reasons that I love it so much is because it’s family friendly and I know without a doubt that I can watch Duck Dynasty with my kids. Not only can I watch it with my kids but I feel like it’s one of the best shows for my family to watch together. 

So why is it good to watch Duck Dynasty as a family?

1. Uncle Si. Without a doubt Uncle Si is himself. He’s hilarious and doesn’t try to be someone that he isn’t. It doesn’t matter if he’s talkin’ about Nam’, looking for black panthers or hunting with a poodle there is no doubt that he is original. This is a lesson that we need kids to see today. Children that understand that being yourself unapologetically without conformity will be more successful and happier than wasting time trying to become someone they weren’t made to be just to fit in. 

2. Being rich doesn’t mean you have to live in a mansion. Yes they show Willie’s house as being a mansion. Rumor is that it’s not really his house that they show which makes sense because you don’t want to show the outside of your house on National TV. However Phil and Kay still live in the same trailer that they have lived in since their boys were little. They’re not throwing away their money on trying to live a high life, they are living a high life just by living. They family and friends are what makes them rich, not their home or things. 

3. When you date you should look for good mates. A lot of the show is spent with Phil trying to convince his grandchildren that they need to find good mates that know then basics to life. This is what I want to drill into my kid’s heads. Instead of dating because they’re cute you need to date them because of the qualities they possess. 

4. Marriage first. The marriages in the show are solid and they promote marriage as a being respectful. Yes occasionally there’s things such as Korrie selling Willie’s stuffed squirrel at the garage sale without his permission but they do not put down their spouses or talk negatively about them. This is a rarity in modern television. 

5. They promote nature. The entire show is about living an outdoorsy life.  Sometimes it’s hard to get my kids to go outside but when they see a some funny looking men out there fishing, walking through the woods and making things outside in encourages them to go outside. 

6. Faith. The families behind Duck Dynasty are christian and they live it. Many things that they want to show get cut out by the network but it still shows through in the way they live. I want my kids to see people living pure lives of purpose. 

7. The family table. Every single episode ends the same way, with the family around the table saying grace before they eat. It’s a great message that at the end of the day your family is going to be the ones surrounding you and supporting you. Eating dinner together is something that we need to all get back to. It encourages families to sit down for dinner, thank God for your blessings and have time to simply be together. 

My kids love watching Duck Dynasty and I am really thankful that right now there is a show on TV that I want to watch with them and don’t have to worry about what will be heard or seen. Families should watch Duck Dynasty together, in my opinion. If you want too, watch it while eating a Phil Robertson cake. 

If you haven’t watched it, sit down with your family and watch it together. 

If you do watch it, what’s your favorite Si-ism? 

And if you’re really a fan, come visit my Duck Dynasty Pinterest Board. Yes, I’m obsessed. Thanks for noticing. 

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