Homemade Water Bombs

Summer Fun with Water Bombs


Honestly I have seen this idea for Water Bombs all over Pinterest this year like this one from House of Hempworths, so I thought that everyone knew about them but I never expected the response I got today at the pool from the Sponge Water Bombs. Put them in a bucket full of water and the kids will go crazy throwing them and wringing them out over each other’s heads.  They are simple and a great idea for summer fun that kids and parents will go crazy for so put homemade water bombs on your summer bucket list!

These are probably the easiest thing that I have made that got the biggest reaction. Today at the park by the pool I was seriously swamped by kids and their parents asking about them. Princess Newbie got mad that all the kids were trying to take her toys to play with them. They were a huge hit that just worked out unplanned due to a late email telling me about the swim team water gun battle this afternoon. We didn’t have any water guns but we had just made water bombs this morning. They saved us the cost of buying water guns and my kids had a blast. Just be warned that if you make these, you will have to share them. 

The great news is that they are so simple to make that your children can do it. I know because my eight year old made most of them. 

Easy Summer Fun with water bombs

First and most importantly you need sponges. I found this huge pack of 12 sponges for $3 each at Walgreens that had assorted colors. Each Water Bomb requires 3 sponges so it was a great deal. Don’t get the kind with the side for scrubbing, that might hurt.  You will also need scissors and ponytail holders or fishing line. 

How to make homemade Water Bombs from Clumsy Crafter

 The instructions are really simple. Cut each sponge into three vertical long strips. Mix up the colors and lay three strips side by side. Stack 3 more on top of the first stack and then repeat until you have 9 strips total. Make sure that all the ends are together and one’s not longer than the other strips. 

Now simply take your pony tail holder or fishing line and tie it tightly around the exact middle of the stack of sponges. This will make it poof out into a ball shape and you can use your hands to poof it out a little bit more. They’re not all a perfect ball shape, no matter what the pictures on Pinterest show you. And with that you’re done! 

It’s a very fast project that your kids can help you with and trust me they will love it almost as much as the Water Blob.

Ellie playing with Water Bombs Playing with WAter Bombs Water Bombs at the park

 It’s going to be a great summer, isn’t it?  Adding homemade Water Bombs to your summer bucket list will even make it better (add the Water Blob too, just do it.)

Water bombs are great for easy summer water play! No more bored kids.


Bobbie is a homeschooling mom of three girls in the Houston area. Although most of her days are spent scrubbing up paint or ungluing her fingers, occasionally she also takes the time to burn dinner.

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    He had so much fun with this sponge ball in the bath that we’re trying to come up with other sponge activities. How about sewing the ends of one sponge strip together to make a sponge bracelet? Or sewing a bunch of strips together to make a sponge necklace? We could cut sponges into strips and instead of tying them together leave them loose and play with sponge blocks in the bathtub. Or maybe we could make sponge balls out of HUGE sponges… I think that one would be a hit!


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