Healthy Birthday Denial

Someone is turning 4 next week. I’m in a very healthy state of denial about it. 

Ellie girl in Bluebonnets Clumsy Crafter Healthy Birthday Denial

Very healthy. Actually I’m thinking about scratching out her year of birth on her birth certificate and going back a year. That’s not crazy, right? 

She’s my baby and I’m sad to see her leaving the toddler years behind.  Her two older sisters are 13 months apart. Between one that had severe colic / stomach issues and a 13 month old that was extremely mischievous, I never got to simply enjoy the time with them like I do with their little sister. That’s sad to say but it’s true. Yes we had great times with them before their little sister arrived.  

Ellie and the dogs with the Ice Cream Healthy Birthday Denial

We enjoyed having two babies so much that we even tried to get pregnant again right away and have a third child within three years of each other. I know now that it didn’t happen because God knew that I was already lacking in sanity. If we would have gotten pregnant right away, I would have been hanging with my homies in the looney bin.

Yet now I’ve had time to truly see this little one’s personality develop without worrying about what another child was coloring on / getting into/ feeding to the dog. The things she says and the things she does just amazes me and part of me grieves that I lost some of that with the older two children. 

Ellie Jessie Trail Riders 1024x680 Healthy Birthday Denial

She is just a firecracker of emotion and play. She’s figuring out how to game the system and how to yell at her sisters and I actually don’t want it to stop. I want to see her discover things such a new bugs for the first time and to identify colors everywhere we go. The fact that soon that won’t happen on a daily basis anymore is hard. 

I really don’t want her to have a birthday. 

I’m in denial.

elliemonkeymimi3 1024x731 Healthy Birthday Denial

My mother-in-law keeps asking me when her birthday party is. I keep pretending like I can’t hear her. 

I told her that her birthday is coming up soon. She told me last night that I can no longer call her by her name, now I have to call her “Birthday Girl”.  

She only wants Littlest Petshop Pets until I said the word “bike” and her eyes lit up like christmas.  

Help me.  There’s no stopping it now. 

Ellie playing with Water Bombs Healthy Birthday Denial

 Healthy Birthday Denial


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 Healthy Birthday Denial

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  1. She is so beautiful. Ages 3 and 4 were my favorite ages of my children. I loved watching them discover new things and just be in awe of little things around them. I can certainly relate, we want to keep them little as long as we can, especially our youngest. Hang in there though because trust me, it just get better :)

  2. So beautiful…I love what you wrote. That is exactly how I feel about Erika…I have been able to enjoy so much more than with the first two being so close together:) She is a doll…love her pictures and think she is the perfect mix of you and Damion:)

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