The Resident 3 year old

Ellie at the park-8 Clumsy Crafter

There’s a 3 year old in this house that thinks she rules the roost. And let’s face it, she does. 

When we had our first child we thought we had found our match. She is a mischievous energizer bunny that talks non stop. Surely she could never be topped in the “hands full” department.  Fast foward through many many shenanigans and a few bald spots on my skull and Princess Newbie (the 3 year old) has fully arrived to give her sister a run off for first place in the “driving mommy bonkers” category. 

Sometimes she’s so extremely cute you can’t stand it. For instance, today while outside she said, “Ants bite me, they are eating me mommy”. Followed by looking down at the invisible ants on the ground and screaming, “I’m not a snack!”. 

Your heart just melted with cuteness a bit right? 

Or last night when she told us that she loves having chicken with Barbie sauce for dinner – that would be barbecue sauce for those that don’t speak 3 year old. 

Cute overload 2.0.

Remember that. 

Because then later tonight she got to help me make brownies as a reward for swimming unassisted for the first time. She was on a chair next to me as we took turns mixing the heavy batter. She told me she was thirsty and asked for a drink so I gave her a cup of water. Two seconds later as I was stirring I saw through the corner of my eye the glass slowly raise and start to tip over as if she was going to pour it…. in the …. brownies. 

Yes she did. But I saw it coming and jerked the bowl out of the way causing the water to go everywhere. It spilled all over the counter, onto the new roll of paper towels and onto the floor.

She just laughed and told me I had made a mess. 

But wait. It gets better. 

After dinner, only about an hour later, I was cleaning the table off when the 8 year old came and told me that there was glue on the stairs. What?

Yes, sure enough, there was white Elmer’s Glue on about 5 of the wooden stairs. It was a huge mess but only a few stairs and it’s washable glue so how bad could it really be? I peeled the dried glue off and scrubbed the rest off, slowly working my way up to the top only to be greeted with…. more glue. There was glue on the wood floor in the playroom. So once again I start to scrub and peel…. working hard… and then I happened to glance down the hall to be welcomed by a sea of white glue all the way down the hall. 

The glue stopped one inch from the carpet of the very last bedroom. 

About this time the 3 year old, Princess Newbie, appeared dancing, singing and laughing. 

So I asked her even though I knew the answer, “What is this on the floor”.

To which she replied with a heart full of pride and dancing eyes, “oh it’s glue! I did it!!”.  And then she smiled and danced. 


And then I admitted defeat and ate a bon bon. Or 20. But who’s counting? Not the three year old because she can’t count that high. She can cover you with glue though and then feather you, like she does to me daily with her words and actions. 



Bobbie is a homeschooling mom of three girls in the Houston area. Although most of her days are spent scrubbing up paint or ungluing her fingers, occasionally she also takes the time to burn dinner.

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