Happy Birthday Princess Newbie


She’s 4 today. My baby is 4. That’s too old!  I can’t rock a 4 year old and put a little onesie on her. Ok so I could but people might think I’m weird(er). 

Summer Fun with Ice Cream Sprinkle Cones

This girl is life and it flows from her freely. 

The Resident Rockstar

Her mannerisms are so quirky and she is the queen of silly faces. 


She embraces every single minute of every single day. And sometimes at night around 2am she embraces that too. (She did not get the rock hard sleeping gene from Mr. Byrd)

Ellie at the pool

She’s cool and she knows it. She also thinks that she is the funniest person in the world. 


She has a special place in her heart for any item that can be eaten with syrup and she adores coffee. 


She can work an ipad or phone better than most of the older generation as seen here. 


 She’s obsessed with books. So many times throughout the day and without warning, I get a stack of books dumped on my lap  followed by “read please”. 


And one day I hope she really truly knows how much I adore her because this child fills our home with joy. 

Happy Birthday Monkey. 







Bobbie is a homeschooling mom of three girls in the Houston area. Although most of her days are spent scrubbing up paint or ungluing her fingers, occasionally she also takes the time to burn dinner.

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