The Coffee Pot Burn

Ellie Burned arm

There’s a time in every moms life when you know that a loud sound followed by screams means that something is really wrong with your child.  This morning was one of those mornings. 

The thing is that our youngest loves coffee. I give her sips of mine all the time but I have never let her touch the coffee pot and I honestly didn’t even think that would be something she would do. I protect the stove and oven from her little fingers diligently but the coffee pot? I have never thought that it could hurt her. 

This morning I heard a very loud crash followed be ear piercing screams and I knew. I ran in the kitchen to find our youngest, Ellie, screaming and I wasn’t totally sure why. I saw the coffee pot broken on the counter and figured that she was just scared. My heart was racing, she was extremely extremely upset and I just couldn’t see why she was crying like that. 

I tried to hug her to comfort her and she yelled at me not to touch her that she hurt. I went to peel her coffee soaked shirt off of her to look for cuts from broken glass but instead when I peeled off the shirt, some skin came with it.  It was excruciating to my heart. 

She had tried to pick up the coffee pot and dropped it on the counter, resulting in 5 cups of scalding hot coffee landing on her and giving her second degree burns on her arm and chest. 

Honestly the next few minutes were a blur. I remember carrying her to our room so I could get some type of covering on her body to get to the ER while needing to put on clothes myself.  She writhed in our bed unable to escape the pain while her amazing older sisters did every single thing I asked them to quickly without questioning me. They grabbed a few small toys and threw them in a bag while I put pants on both of us and we ran to the van, only stopping to call my husband to tell him that we were on our way to the ER. 

Of course when I got to the van I realized I didn’t have my purse so the oldest one got back out and helped me look all over the house for it even though I always put it in the same exact spot. On this one day it was somewhere different and it wasn’t until I loudly said, “help me find it God” that it was found.

The next hour was just heart wrenching as they had to give her an IV, which was another pain in her already hurting body and she just moved constantly trying to find some position to get rid of the pain. Finally the morphine they gave her kicked in and she relaxed.  

She watched TV and asked a thousand questions about the large Disney characters painted on the walls. She was back. Very groggy and tired yes but she was herself again. 

She tolerated them cleaning and dressing the burns like a champ and then got her first shot ever – a tetnus shot – into her non vaccinated body.  She is not a fan of shots and asked me not to do that again. 

Finally four hours later we were free to go.  We put her in her sister’s carseat so that the 5 pt. harness wouldn’t rub on the burns on her chest and she thought that it was the coolest thing ever. Now she’s requesting a big girl seat. Oh boy. 

I got her a coke and Happy Meal from McDonalds and anyone is free to judge me on that but she deserved it and it’s worth it.  She could have gotten a car out of me today if she would have asked. 

So how is she holding up? She is back to her spunky self and you wouldn’t know she was injured if it wasn’t for the bandage on her arm and chest. She is simply amazing. I haven’t broke the news yet that I have to make her a doctors appointment tomorrow to be seen again by our family doctor since she hates doctors. But she’s going to be just fine I think. I’m sure there will be a get well package coming her way soon from concerned grandparents and that will make her year. 

How is mom holding up? Not as well.  I know its crazy but when I was changing the dressing on the burns tonight all I could think of is the fact that if I wasn’t a coffee drinker, it wouldn’t have happened. Silly. Yes, I know.  Tonight I bought the coffee crystals that you stir into a cup of hot water to make coffee because I just can’t even think of replacing the broken coffee pot right now. I don’t want a coffee pot in the house at all.  Again it’s ridiculous. You don’t take away all the knives just because you missed the onion and cut yourself making dinner. But I just really don’t want a coffee pot in my house right now at all because there’s a chance that it might happen again. 

Yes, I’m still addicted to coffee and I get a headache if I don’t drink coffee but our 7 year old has a solution for that. She thinks I should just go to Starbucks daily. I happen to agree. 

My heart will take time to heal just like her body will take time to heal. But we’ll do it together and with the rest of the family to love on us and keep us going. 

Eventually I did replace the coffee pot with a single serve coffee maker, the Bunn My Cafe MCU. You can read my review of this product here.


Bobbie is a homeschooling mom of three girls in the Houston area. Although most of her days are spent scrubbing up paint or ungluing her fingers, occasionally she also takes the time to burn dinner.

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    • says

      Thank you. I am looking into a Keurig. My husband keeps telling me to give up looking and just go get one so I don’t have to suffer through instant coffee crystals anymore but I’m just not ready yet.

  1. says

    I’m so glad she is okay. Thank you for your vulnerable post. We try so hard to protect our children and still things can happen. You will be okay though. When Erika sliced her foot on our front door I couldn’t stand her going near the doors for a year. I was so afraid it would happen again. I wanted the doors removed. Your post brought back some of that anxiety I went through. But you are an awesome mom. Wish I could give you a hug. So sorry for what you went through.

    • says

      I think of that picture you shared of her at the doctor after that happened all the time, esp. when we are near a metal door. She is doing really well right now though and healing extremely fast.

  2. Condo Blues says

    Oh sweetie I am so sorry this happened to your family! I’m glad it didn’t take long for her to bounce back to her happy self.

    When you are ready to get a coffee pot again, you want to consider one with a stainless steel carafe. They are almost impossible to break!

  3. Tracy Roach says

    Oh, honey – I’m so sorry! Our first ER trip was for a burn too. When my oldest was just a few weeks shy of 3, I was cooking, and I took a pot off the stove. I said, ” Don’t touch the stove – it’s hot”, and turned around to drain the pot, and immediately heard a blood curdling scream. She had put her hand right on the stove eye, and all I could think was that if I hadn’t said not to touch it, it would never have occurred to her. Prayers going up that she heals quickly and that gets through her next doctor’s visit okay.

    • says

      Thank you! We were actually cleared from going back to the Dr’s this week. He’s happy with how it is healing and doesn’t need to see her again unless something changes.


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