DIY Snow Capped Pinecones

Snow Capped Pinecones using epsom salt by Clumsy Crafter DIY Snow Capped Pinecones


One thing that we lack in south Texas is snow. However the hopes and dreams for snow from little girls never stop.  So we have to work harder to create our own snow and snow covered dreams for those little girls.  Today I want to share a craft with you for easy Faux Snow Capped Pinecones, the perfect pinecone craft.  This is probably the easiest christmas craft you will ever do. The faux snow covered pinecones glimmer and shimmer in the light, just like pinecones on the ground covered by freshly fallen snow. 

This is a very easy craft using supplies that most households have on hand already. 

All you need is Epsom Salt, glue and pinecones. If you don’t have pinecones just take a walk through a wooded area or buy them at your local craft store.  If you do collect your own from nature, don’t forget to bake the bugs out of them! There’s nothing worse than having your christmas decorations ruined by little brown bugs. 

how to make fake snow with epsom salt DIY Snow Capped Pinecones


Epsom Salt can be found at your local drug store if you’re not clumsy like me and keep a gigantic bag on hand for soaking sore bones when you fall…. or just hurt yourself walking in a straight line like I have the talent of doing. 

how to make fake snow pinecones DIY Snow Capped Pinecones


And here’s the hardest step – simply dot plain school glue all over the ends of the pinecones. 

Now for the second hardest (and last) step. 

How to make snow covered pinecones DIY Snow Capped Pinecones


Roll the pinecones in epsom salt.

Now set the pinecones carefully to the side until the glue is dry. After they dry some excess salt might fall off. You can repeat this process to fill in any holes if you wish but you won’t have to. 

When you’re done you’ll have a glittering magical scene, perfect for any decoration or tablescape. 

Faux Snow Capped Pinecones DIY Snow Capped Pinecones


And there you go – super simple Snow Capped Pinecones. 


 DIY Snow Capped Pinecones


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 DIY Snow Capped Pinecones

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  1. wow, what a good idea. your DIY Snow Capped Pinecones look so nice. you are so clever to diy something normal to be beautiful and decorate the house etc.

  2. You can also use epsom salts mixed with water to paint over a crayon-colored snow scene! The crystals show up when the mixture has dried. It is also very pretty on dark blue construction paper.

  3. Thank you for this posting. I love the idea of epsom salts for snow, it is genius :o)

    I can use this for a couple of other things as well that I have sitting around waiting to be done.

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