Save Santa Be Naughty Printable

I’m pretty sure that this is my kid’s personal motto. They’re lovers at heart and who wants to overwork santa and cause him stress? They don’t, that’s for sure. So I created this free christmas printable, Save Santa be naughty, in their honor. 

Just a little joke, don’t get your candy canes in a bunch.  My kids are sweet to the core. 

I do love free printables though. They are just so easy. Right click and save it or grab the PDF version right here –  Save Santa be naughty free printable. You can print it and pop it in a frame. Format it as a card to send to a loved one. Or you could print it and give it to someone with edible coal

However if your printer is out of ink (story of my life), you can pull this post up on your phone, click on the photo and save it to your camera roll. Then you can set it as your wall paper on your phone or tablet.  Now you know how to turn a graphic into your phone wallpaper.  

save santa be naughty free printable 791x1024 Save Santa Be Naughty Printable

If you do Elf on the Shelf, a great idea might be to print these four to a page and make a banner to hang somewhere with your elf hanging off of it.  Elf on strike!  Kids are under a lot of pressure to behave during the Elf on the Shelf season, you should give them a free day of no elf watching. 

Now the nitty gritty – I’m providing this image that I created as a free gift. You are allowed to use it for personal use only. Please do not copy or use this image for commercial use or to place on any items that could be sold. Thank you. 

Print it and enjoy! 

If you love it, please Pin it.  Now go out and be naughty!  Santa needs a break. 

 Save Santa Be Naughty Printable


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 Save Santa Be Naughty Printable

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