A Few of My Favorite Green

I’m seeing green everywhere lately. Not only that but I want to spill green paint on the ground and roll in it for awhile.  Yes, I have gone crazy – about 5 years ago to be exact – but really I’m ready for spring.  That’s where the amazing perk of living in South Texas comes into play. You see while the rest of the country is still freezing their rear ends off, spring for us will be arriving soon. A few more warm days like we’ve been having and the trees and grass get tricked into thinking it’s spring. 

Green! Green! It’s coming and I’m ready. 

But until then I’ll just hide my debit card and share with you a few of my favorite green items I’ve found so far.  These are all just things I love, I’m not being compensated in any way and none of these links are affiliates.  Also please go straight to the original site to pin any of these items. That way credit can be given where it is due. 

First is this amazing Green Ikat Getaway Bag from Stella and Dot. Sigh. 

hb126grk getaway green ikat expanded strap 1 676x1024 A Few of My Favorite Green


Sing it with me now.  Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful.  I love Ikat and I love the fact that you can unzip part of this bag to make it longer. Isn’t that just glorious? 

Next are these Emerald Glass earrings from Ike and Co

il 570xN.429510101 36j5 A Few of My Favorite Green

 Just looking at these I feel like I’m one step away from the Emerald City. Get me a lion and Tin Man and I’m ready to go! Isn’t the green in these wonderful?  So pretty. Ike and Co. has some amazing pieces. It’s one of my favorite Etsy shops to just stare at sometimes. 

Another amazing piece of green jewelry is this lovely 3 Strand Paper Bead Necklace from Mercy house Kenya

NewNecklaceBlueGreen 1 A Few of My Favorite Green

 The amazing thing about this necklace is that it’s handmade in Africa and when you purchase it the proceeds go to benefit a maternity house in Kenya that is run by a Houston area family.  That’s a great reason alone. 

This wreath! You know that I have a slight obsession with wreaths right? But I found this one when I was browsing Pinterest today and fell in love with the beautiful simplicity of it. 

DSC 0070 762x1024 A Few of My Favorite Green


I found this Blue Spruce Wreath on A Pop of Pretty. Isn’t the title of the blog a perfect fit for this wreath? 

So there’s 4 green things that I absolutely adore. What about you? 

Now I’m going to go off and sing all about a Few of my favorite green. When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad….

 A Few of My Favorite Green


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 A Few of My Favorite Green

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  1. Beth in Michigan says:

    You are so lucky spring is coming! We are just about to plunge back into the deep freeze here in Michigan. Love all of those green goodies you found.

    • Well I said that and then tonight we’re having a crazy freeze. We might even get snow! We haven’t had snow in 3 years and the last time it was just a few flurries for an hour or so. Stay warm!

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