Choosing a Good and Happy Place

Choosing a Good Place

Today (Wednesday) was a long day and it’s ending as a sad day. 

My family is fine but there’s other families in my area today that are dealing with extraordinary amounts of grief and that breaks my heart.

Lately it’s been one of those times for me that it seems everything is going wrong. 

We came home from our weekend away to find that our extra freezer had glitched and all of our meat had to be trashed.

We found a hold in the cement on our front porch where someone had drilled into the concrete. We have no clue why they would do that or even when. 

The spout in our shower broke. 

I messed up something for Blog Elevated that was really important. 

Someone at the pool took my daughter’s preschool sized goggles and stretched them out so the would fit her older child, without asking. 

I made the mistake of assuming that my older girls room was clean. Keyword there being mistake. 

It’s just one of those weeks that you feel like it’s just one thing after another. 

Then today as we were walking home from the pool we could hear helicopters flying low close to our house.  I knew then that something bad had happened. 

We live in a sleepy subdivision of Houston. The most exciting that happens here is when you see the FFA kids walking their goats down the road on a leash.  

When you hear helicopters, you know it’s not good news.

Apparently there was a house fire a few streets over and a fireman lost his life.

A 21 year veteran of the fire station that we drive by every single day was killed going into a burning house to make sure no one was inside. 

My heart hurts for his family and the other firefighters in this area.  

And all this time that I’ve been letting the little things frustrate me and get to me. All this week when I’ve been thinking about what’s not working or how much money it will take to replace all the meat we lost….. and yet I have my husband home safe with me tonight.


We can gripe about the little things. We can think too hard about the broken bathtub spout. We can mutter under our breath about the woman that broke your kids goggles. We can focus on things that are not worthy of our time and energy. 

But what will that gain us? Nothing but a grouchy and pessimistic attitude.

I know life stinks at times. I know the little things can and will get us down. 

But today let’s rejoice for our loved ones that came home last night. Let’s honor and remember those who run toward danger and sacrifice their life for it.  Let’s dwell in a good and happy place and leave the misery of destructive thoughts behind. 

Because living a good life is the best way to honor those that gave their life for others. 



Bobbie is a homeschooling mom of three girls in the Houston area. Although most of her days are spent scrubbing up paint or ungluing her fingers, occasionally she also takes the time to burn dinner.

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  1. Carolyn Hawkins says

    Everything happens at once.

    Sorry for the loss of that fireman. I know it is such a loss for any city/town, and for the family of this man.

    Now, for the hole drilled in the concrete. Maybe a meteor fell and made the hole missing your roof. Check for odd shaped rocks nearby in the yard.

    God be with you, love your stories…you are so humnan….

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