How Did You Get So Crafty?

Ate glue as a child 791x1024 How Did You Get So Crafty?

I get the question all the time “how did you get so crafty?” as I bet most of you do as well.

Well, now you know how to answer! Just don’t prove it to them or offer them pictures as proof. 

Feel free to print this and use it for your own personal use. Do not sell this print or use it for commercial reasons. 

Print the PDF Version Ate Glue as a child and make it into a greeting card for a friend or just print it and hang it. 

You can also right click the picture to save it to your phone and use it as your background. 



 How Did You Get So Crafty?


Bobbie is a homeschooling mom of three girls in the Houston area. Although most of her days are spent scrubbing up paint or ungluing her fingers, occasionally she also takes the time to burn dinner.
 How Did You Get So Crafty?

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  1. Carolyn Hawkins says:

    Ha, ha, ha, ha….thank you so much for this!

    It’s just what I needed this morning, you made me smile!!

    I love you blog…keep it up!

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