Concrete Craft FAIL!

Everyone always asks if I ever have any huge craft fails. I just tell them to look up at the header and tell me what it says. 

Clumsy Crafter – at your service.

Usually I don’t post my craft fails, I just rework them to something that does work or I find another use for the parts. 

This fail though was hard to take. I was in love with the project from the get go and I was so excited that I rushed through it. 

If you remember a few weeks ago I lugged home 100lbs of Portland Cement and decided to try a few different craft projects using cement.  The DIY Garden Ball and homemade decorative stepping stone were both easy and fun to do.

This one wasn’t just fun and easy, I love how it was turning out. 

Concrete project using spray paint Concrete Craft FAIL!

It’s hard to see but I had added some gold paint to the concrete as I was pouring it into the glass vase I was using as a form. There was a smaller jar stuck inside the vase to make it a working vase, not just a giant hunk of decorative concrete. 

It was shiny and the perfect blend on industrial concrete and a soft lovely gold.  Really, it was turning out to be one of my favorite projects of all time. 

broken concrete vase project Concrete Craft FAIL!

And then when I tried to break the smaller jar inside of it this happened. 

I rushed it. I could tell that the concrete wasn’t fully set but I was just so desperate to see the final product that I couldn’t help myself. 


If It wouldn’t have cracked it would have looked like this:

Concrete with gold accents vase Concrete Craft FAIL!

I’m so in love with that it’s ridiculous. 

Well until you turn it around or don’t lay down on your stomach outside just to hide the back of it. 

craft fail concrete project Concrete Craft FAIL!

ugh. The broken glass jar is still inside of the vase because I just couldn’t remove any more of it without destroying all of it. 

broken concrete vase Concrete Craft FAIL!

I actually haven’t thrown it away yet.  Hopefully I can remove the rest of the glass jar without breaking anything else. Then maybe I can find a home for it in the corner of the yard where no one will notice the broken sides. 

Don’t worry – I still have 50lbs of Portland Cement and hopes of actually getting this project to work soon! 

Hopefully I’ll be able to give you a great tutorial for the perfect industrial vase with hints of gold. Hopefully. 


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 Concrete Craft FAIL!


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 Concrete Craft FAIL!

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  1. Carolyn Hawkins says:

    Ahhhh, felt your pain! How many projects have I messed up because I was in a hurry!
    I love the concept of this project! Especially with the gold in it, it will drum up the question of how you got the gold in there!
    I hope you try it again and show us the finished project, Bobbie!

    Love reading about your family and projects…

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