A Day in the Life of Clumsy Crafter (cue ominous music)

Today I’m going to periodically post what our day looks like so you can follow the daily life of Clumsy Crafter. It’s thrilling! 

Ok so it’s really not thrilling, more like mediocre and sometimes boring. 

BUT! this is your chance to be nosy and who doesn’t love a good peek into someone’s lives? I’m inviting you in, be prepared for mind blowing nothingness!

I’ve sold you on coming back later to check back in haven’t I? 

7:30 am – 


All the sudden there’s dogs, kids and a kitten in my bed. Time to get up before they take over.

8:30am –

live blog 1

The cereal is looking cuter than normal don’t you think? 

10 am –

live blog 2 copy

Don’t expect to run a website without a significant amount of time behind a computer screen. This morning it’s being spent monitoring comments from my husband who’s pretending to be a troll. That’s one good looking troll. 

1:30 pm

Sorry I’ve been MIA but really I haven’t been. I’ve been nothing but action. (I’d rather be eating Bon Bons)

I’ve been cleaning (not usual, don’t worry). 

My dad will be here in a bit and our guest room is also my craft room, which might have exploded in bits of fabric and notions. Also my kids decided to make their own giant spider web in there using string, namely my expensive brand of sewing thread. 

blog life 4

I don’t think I have enough fabric.  Please send more.

blog live 5 copy

and here’s the finished (clean) craft / guest room.

blog life 3 copy


Ignore the unmade bed please, the sheets are in the wash since I try to be a good hostess.  

I know this room isn’t Young House Love worthy but it makes me happy.

Now – onward and upward to a shower and the grocery store.

Still thrilling isn’t it? Better than watching Shark Week.  

2:30pm – 

Wet hair, don’t care.  Today’s a sprint, not a marathon and ain’t nobody got time for hairdryers. 

blog live 7

Honestly I knew my dad was less than an hour away from our house and I still have to run to the grocery store and stop by a friend’s to give them something. 

We ran through the store, bottles of water flying all over the parking lot when the bag burst and took the backroads to get home before Grandpa arrive.

And we pulled in to the driveway and found grandpa waiting on us. 

blog live 6

He’s going to change our kitchen faucet for us! (Happy Dance) 

But first there’s dinner so we’re heading out again to pick up Mr. Byrd from work and go to one of our favorite Gluten Free specialty restaurants, Ruggles Green. 




Bobbie is a homeschooling mom of three girls in the Houston area. Although most of her days are spent scrubbing up paint or ungluing her fingers, occasionally she also takes the time to burn dinner.

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