Fall Chalkboard – Make this for less than $10!

Easy Fall Decoration - dollar store crafts from Clumsy Crafter

The dollar store is my happy place. It's one of my favorite places to get craft supplies for seasonal projects such as fall crafts. Why? Because you can buy a ton of supplies that will only be used for a season without breaking the bank.  In fact, on today's project I only spent $4 at The Dollar Tree and used a few other supplies that I already had on hand. You should easily be able to make this fall chalkboard decor for less than $10! Let's get this party started before christmas crafts arrive!  To make this you'll need a large plastic platter and an assortment of fake … [Read more...]


Monday was a rough day.  I didn't have a Monday blog post to put up so I started the day in a funk. I felt bad for letting you guys down and vowed to have everything ready for Tuesday no matter what. Then my kids decided to test me. The words "please sit down and do your work" must translate to "run around the table until you want to puke!" in homeschoolese because that's what they heard. One child especially pushed every button possible. I sent her to her room with her vocabulary work and told her not to come down until it was done.  I was so mad.  An hour later I … [Read more...]

How To Make Paper Beads – A Quick and Easy Jewelry Tutorial!

how to make simple paper beads - a great recycle craft

Paper beads are fun and easy to make. They're the perfect project for kids or older people alike. The best part is that paper beads are extremely affordable to make and they can even be a great craft for recycling!  These simple DIY paper beads are a great project that you can make today.  All you need to make these necklaces is a glue stick, tooth picks and clear nail polish. You will also need an old magazine that you plan to recycle.  To start you need to cut paper from the magazine into long tapered strips. Today I'm just showing you how to make really simple … [Read more...]

Sheldon Lake State Park – A State Park in Houston, TX

sheldon lake state park outside of Houston TX

Houston pretty much has everything. You can find any type of cuisine, crazy art cars, fancy museums and quirky museums, quiet sleepy subdivisions and very tall high rises that you can feel sway in the wind. But did you know that Houston has a state park?   Sheldon Lake State Park is a state park in Houston, TX.  It's hidden in the far east side of Houston where the developments haven't quite reached yet.  I first heard about it months ago (after living here for 12 years) while looking for a good place to go fishing in Houston.  Every web page I found on Sheldon Lake … [Read more...]

Boiled Peanuts Recipe – It’s a (YUMMY) Southern Thing

boiled peanuts image

If you know anything about southern foods than you have most likely love boiled peanuts. I remember eating them as a child but hadn't had them in years when I decided to try my hand at making them. I don't think you can find a simpler southern recipe out there than boiled peanuts. This is a very easy recipe and one that you should definitely try soon.  My grandparents used to go to Georgia yearly to visit their family there and every time they would stop back by our house with a car full of goodies, including an old tupperware container full of boiled peanuts.  It's a … [Read more...]