Super Bowl Weekend: The Quickest and Easiest Super Bowl Decoration You Can Make

Quick-and-Easy-football-party-decor for the super bowl

 Football party decor shouldn't be hard. In fact, I'd love to share this simple table decoration for the Super Bowl with you today. If you have posterboard and a black marker you can make this simple table decoration. Not only will it help protect your table from spills, it will be a clever detail that you friends notice.  You might have heard about this game coming up soon called The Super Bowl? No? Well then you're a hard core crafter, way to go. But if you have men of any age living in your house they know all about it and they've probably invited people over to watch the game … [Read more...]

Hey Sugar, Sugar – A Few Sugar Scrub Recipes For Your Sweetie

Sugar scrub recipes

Sugar scrubs are one of the easiest gifts that you'll ever make that will make people think that you spent a lot of time or money on them. It's almost shameful how easy they are but people think you're giving them an ultra luxurious gift. Do you need a gift for a friend or significant other for Valentine's Day? Good news - here's several easy sugar scrub recipes. If you can stir sugar into your coffee when you're barely awake in the morning than you can make these sugar scrub recipes.  If you have a bag of sugar and a gentle oil such as coconut or grapeseed oil, you're halfway done. … [Read more...]

Pride and Prejudice Free Printable – Mr. Darcy’s I Love You

Pride and Prejudice free printable Mr Darcy

Everyone loves Mr. Darcy.  Sure he starts off cold and a little prideful to the eye but by the end of the book or movie, he has you melting in his hand. That's one of the reasons that I made this free Pride and Prejudice Quote by Mr. Darcy that you are free to print and display in your home or save to your phone as a lock screen.  I've shared my over the top love of Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice with you guys before. If you don't remember you can check out my list of my favorite Pride and Prejudice versions or even grab my other free printable saying by Mr. Darcy. But … [Read more...]

When Momma Needs Chocolate – Or Just Some Fun Chocolate Recipes for Valentine’s Day

6 Sweet Chocolate Recipes to Make for your Sweetheart

Yesterday I decided to give up chocolate and sweets all together.  But that was yesterday.  Today is a brand new day!  Bring on the chocolate!  Here's a few of my favorite (and hopefully soon to be yours) chocolate recipes. Copycat Moose Munch Chocolate Bark Man this stuff is what dreams are made of. Learn how to make it here.  Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and Pretzels  These are perfect for Valentine's Day. Here's an easy tutorial to make your own Chocolate Dipped Pretzels and Strawberries.  Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Heart Lollipops – A Simple Chocolate Valentine’s Day Treat

Melted chocolate heart lollipops for valentine's day using mini candy canes

One of my favorite times to shop for Valentine's Day crafts is during Christmas clearance.  There's so many great red items that are on sale that you can easily use for Valentine's Day. For instance, have you ever thought of making valentine's day treats from candy canes? All you need to make these cute chocolate Valentine's Day treats are mini candy canes, white chocolate chips, lollipop sticks and sprinkles.  I happened to find boxes of 50 mini candy canes on clearance for .50 cents. (If you can't find them on clearance, they're only $6 on Amazon find them here.) I knew … [Read more...]