Use Sponges To Make Water Bombs!

Summer-Fun-with-Water-Bombs easy to make

This post was originally posted in 2013. We made these water bombs for our swim team's annual water gun fight and they were a hit! Make these for the perfect summer activity.    Honestly I have seen this idea for Water Bombs all over Pinterest this year like this one from House of Hempworths, so I thought that everyone knew about them but I never expected the response I got today at the pool from the Sponge Water Bombs. Put them in a bucket full of water and the kids will go crazy throwing them and wringing them out over each other's heads.  They are simple and a great idea … [Read more...]

Affordable (Or Free!) Educational Worksheets And Activities For Your Child This Summer!

The Best and most affordable resources to help your child learn this summer!

Schools out for summer!! OK well not yet but it will be soon. Chances are that you'll still give your kids something to work on during the summer just to keep their brains active and prevent them from turning to mush from all that TV and snowcone sugar overload.  So how can you help your kids stay educationally active without spending a ton of money? How can you find affordable workbooks and lessons to do over the summer break? The great news is that these ideas do not only apply to summer. You can use them at any time for affordable homeschool curriculum or as a way to supplement … [Read more...]

When It Rains, It Doesn’t Always Pour

houston flooded streets

Life lately has been wet.  About a month ago a week of solid rain was forecasted. Really that's no big deal because this is Texas, where it's known for the weather to change on a dime. Sure rain might be forecasted for a solid week but everyone knows that it would never happen. But it happened.  And then the next week rain was forecasted for the entire week and it rained for the entire week. Heavy rains caused minor flooding and shut down some roads but the majority of our area was fine.  Then week three happened and the two days that it sun was forecasted didn't … [Read more...]

Thank You For Helping Me Grow – Free Printable

Thank you for helping me grow free printable - great for teachers gifts

I love free printables. They make life easy. Without a doubt the end of the school year is one of the craziest times. Parents need easy when it comes to giving a gift to those who have helped your child throughout the year.  I made this Thank You For Helping Me Grow free printable just for you. Summer's almost here, you deserve a break too.  Print these cards, there's 4 to a sheet of paper, and attach them to seed packets for a simple gift.  Tie the card onto a gardening gift basket for a more extravagant gift or a potted flowering plant for an immediate smile from the … [Read more...]

Easy Notebook Paper Totes!

Simple teacher gifts - cute personalized tote bags that are easy to make!

I love cute projects. I love personalized projects. I really really love cute personalized projects that take 5 minutes.  Wait? Am I trying to tell you that these cute personalized tote bags that would make the perfect library tote or easy teacher gift only takes 5 minutes to make? Why yes. Yes, I am.  If you're needing a last minute thank you gift for a teacher or other person that has impacted the life of your child this year, these are the perfect easy crafts to make.  Here's what you'll need to make these 5 minutes tote bags. To start you'll need a basic … [Read more...]