Moss Love Easter Eggs

floral easter eggs that you can make with moss and fake flowers

This post is from last year. However since this has been an eggcellent week of easter egg ideas, this is the perfect fit! I hope you enjoy this post for Mossy Easter Eggs.  Don't get me wrong, colorful plastic eggs are cheery and fun but sometimes you just want something different.  So how can you get that slice of different with still bringing in your crafty side? It's easy to make customized easter eggs using moss  sheets and spray adhesive. Each of these eggs took only a few minutes to make and left a great effect that causes  spring to collide with Easter. These … [Read more...]

Marbled Easter Eggs with Butter!

dyeing easter eggs

Easter eggs are just plain fun to make when you think outside the box. Sure anyone can buy a package from the store with the little colored tabs that are sure to disappoint. But what can you create when you just go a little crazy? I've found a great way to make amazing marbled easter eggs using..... butter! That's right - not only is butter great for slathering on warm biscuits, it also creates a really neat resist effect on dyed easter eggs.  (Now I'm craving a biscuit.) These eggs are so easy to make but will wow family, friends and kids!  You're just going to start … [Read more...]

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

how to make crayon easter eggs

Easter is almost here and if your kids / grandkids are anything like mine, they're already begging you to let them dye eggs.  The good news is that there's other ways to make pretty Easter eggs than dealing with that messy dye that covers everything.  Have you ever thought about using crayons to make easter eggs with? Here's the truth - I hate dyeing easter eggs.  It doesn't matter how many towels you put down someone's going to spill the color and it's going to go everywhere. Then the kids are going to fight over who gets the pink dye first. If you put down several cups … [Read more...]

Cute Lil’ Love Bunny Craft

cute easter bunny craft - great Easter project

Lil' Bunny Foo Foo hopping through the forrest, plucking up the field mice and boppin' them on the head.  Ok so maybe this little Easter Bunny craft can't hop through the forrest but it can hop right into your heart. This craft is easy and fun. It's so easy that even your kids can do it.   You can hide these little bunnies in easter baskets or hide them inside of large plastic eggs.   The base of these bunnies are made from wooden candle cups that you can find in the wood craft section of any hobby store or found on You will also need white, pink, and … [Read more...]

Dollar Store Bunny Wreath

Dollar Store Bunny Wreath DIY

The dollar store is a great place to buy craft supplies.  Right now at The Dollar Tree you can find all the supplies to make your own Easter Bunny Wreath.  It's easy and I only paid $8 for supplies. That's right - you can make a bunny wreath for under $10 even though you're going to pay $30 if you bought it in the store.  Honestly this is not the easiest craft you'll ever do. There's one issue that might happen that we'll talk about in a minute. But this project is worth it.  Every time I walk by this easter wreath hanging on the wall, it just makes me happy. The … [Read more...]

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