An Easy Way To Make Custom Signs

How to make the perfect woodburned sign

Have you ever wondered how people get perfectly painted letters without a cutting machine such as a Cricut or Silhouette? Here's a secret: It is so easy you'll think you've been duped. Don't worry, you haven't but I am going to show you today how to transfer letters for the perfectly painted (or wood burned) sign. All you'll need to transfer words or images to another surface is a printout of the words or image you want to transfer in the correct size and a pencil. That's all.  I created this image using a graphic program. You could also do it in Word or Google Drive since it's … [Read more...]

5 Key Tools Every Crafter Needs

5 Key Tools that Every Crafter Needs

Crafting is pretty easy and requires a lot of different supplies. Sometimes you might find yourself overrun by crafting supplies because of left overs from all the different projects that you do. However there's a few key tools and supplies that you need to be a crafter.  These are the tools that are going to be the base for your artistic whims. Add in any of those crazy random supplies such as scrapbooking paper, coat hangers, stickers or paint to these basic crafting tools and you'll be prepared to craft to your heart's content.  1. Glue Gun - There are so many uses for a … [Read more...]

Free Christmas Gift Tags

Free Whimsical Christmas Labels from Clumsy Crafter

Today I'm taking a little vacation to spend with my family so today I'm going to share this older post with you. For those of you that are busy wrapping gifts and need some free printable gift tags, look no further! Print these on sticker paper or on cardstock and you'll have cute whimsical tags for your gifts. _________________________________________________________________ For those of you like myself that are finishing up their christmas shopping now and haven't even thought of wrapping gifts, I made these free Printable Christmas Labels for you. Why you ask? Because we all know … [Read more...]

Life Lately.


There's some things I can't put out on the internet for everyone to know such as the fact that Mr. Byrd had been traveling a lot for work the past 4 months.  Without a doubt it was the longest in our marriage that we've ever been apart and truly without a doubt, I don't hope we don't have to do it again.  He would fly out to North Dakota on Monday and come back on Friday. Then there was the weeks where he would plan to be at home all week and they would tell him Monday morning he had to fly back on Tuesday. What turned into 1-3 trips max quickly went into weekly trips month after … [Read more...]

Christmas Gifts for Crafters

The perfect yarn for little projects such as yarn poofs.

Do you realize that Christmas is two weeks away? (Deep breaths) I was doing good. For some reason in my head I thought I still had weeks to buy Christmas presents. Technically I do have weeks but it's only 2 weeks. Basically by the time I get my laundry pile to an amount that might convince me not to burn it all and just start over, it'll be Christmas. (Deep breaths) I've bought one gift for our kids. Not one per child but one total.  Mr. Byrd might just get a wrapped up I.O.U. for Christmas. But don't worry - I have your back. What gifts do crafters need for Christmas? … [Read more...]

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