Melted Crayon Christmas Ornaments – You Won’t Believe How Pretty They Are!

diy christmas ornaments using crayons

I am so in love with these easy melted crayon christmas ornaments. They are so easy you won't believe it, my kids had the best time helping me make them and they're just plain pretty.  I'm one of those people that goes into the store and can't figure out what to make with clear glass ornaments.  Every year I buy a package of clear glass ornaments and every year I just struggle trying to figure out how I can make them different than any ornaments I can buy already made.  This year I have figured it out! I love melted crayon art. I've put crayons on a canvas and let … [Read more...]

The Irrational Fear Of Snakes – The Real Fear That Doesn’t Make Sense

For as long as I can remember I've been scared of snakes. Now I know what you're thinking, "most women are scared of snakes, what's the big deal about that?". But for me it's more than just a little shudder after crossing paths with a snake, it's a deep fear within me that has no self control or reason.  Yet more times than I can count I've found someone who is convinced they can cure me of my fear if only I would just (insert their remedy here).  When I was a child my dad decided to cure my fear by bringing home a little garden snake that someone had left at the feed store in … [Read more...]

Star Wars Christmas – May The Christmas Force Be With You

Homemade Star Wars ornaments made from cinnamon dough

Star Wars is coming soon in case you haven't noticed. My geeky husband and oldest daughter are both drooling over all the Star Wars products in the stores now.  If you've ever wanted to do a Star Wars themed Christmas, this is the year. You can buy it or you can make it but Darth Vader wants to ring in the season with you.  I prefer homemade.  This weekend we're going to be making Star Wars christmas yard decorations. But if you need a smaller Star Wars christmas decoration, I can help you with that as well.  These were some of my favorite ornaments to … [Read more...]

Christmas Toffee Recipe – Also Known As Christmas Crack – The Perfect Holiday Treat!


Every year I get the same request from people that know me - they want Christmas Toffee and they want it by Thanksgiving. Christmas Toffee is a simple holiday recipe to make and it's so yummy I can't even describe it. You really need this Christmas Crack recipe in your life, just trust me on it!  You can also easily make a Gluten Free Christmas Toffee version by changing out the crackers that you use. Keep reading to find out which ones I recommend  But what is Christmas Crack? Don't worry, I'm not going to send you to work with a pan of illegal substances. It's called … [Read more...]

Christmas Craft Countdown

Peg Doll Nativity made from peg dolls and fabric scraps!

Like it or not, the Christmas season has begun.  I know, I know! Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet but there's no putting brakes on the Christmas preparation that has already started.  Already Hobby Lobby's Christmas aisles are so crowded that you can hardly move in them and some stuff is already sold out. In fact I have a great new Christmas ornament tutorial that I'm dying to photograph but I can't find anymore of the glass ornaments that I need.  Christmas is coming.  Even if you want to wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating, now is a great … [Read more...]