What is it With the Holidays?

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 Ah the holidays... A time when everyone pulls their camera out and catches you in moments of surprise with a mouthful of turkey and eggnog stains on your shirt.  I fully believe that the holidays are when the most blackmail opportunities are created. In that time and space we might hate those photos of ourselves. We might label ourselves as fat or as having a bad hair day and bury the photos deep in the back of the filing cabinet. But years later we pull out those photos and our heart skips a beat because they are photos that might have changed our life or captured moments … [Read more...]

The Love of 3 Girls

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My sister and I are total opposites in most ways and always have been. She was the popular social butterfly growing up and I was the shy wall clinging band nerd. She looks like our  mom and I look like our dad. She's the smart  put together career orientated one and I'm the frumpy one that has spent the last 8 years wiping kids butts.  But besides our amazing sense of humor (and humbleness) there's one thing that we really do have in common - we both love these three girls. This weekend my sister came down to visit and it so happened that Mr. Byrd and I wound up having … [Read more...]

Comedy of Errors

A Comedy of Errors

Part 1 - Aide to the First The scene opens on a mall. One frazzled mom is shopping and trying to keep three little girls from playing inside the clothing racks. Then it happens.  One little girl crawling out from the clothes racks trips and falls flat on top of the littler sister.  There is wailing heard round the store from the littlest sister while the oldest sister says in her booming voice, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to fall on you!" on a pattern only matched by record players.  Finally the littlest one is quieted with a promised trip down … [Read more...]

The Washing Machine Disaster

washing machine disaster

Tuesday I was a little under the weather. After a three day weekend outside busting our tails to get our large deck re-stained in the Texas heat, I was experiencing some mild dehydration. Nothing serious enough to require a doctor but also just enough to make me feel bad and let my typical brain fog get a little heavier than normal. So what I really needed was an easy afternoon complete with serious couch time. What I got was a flooded laundry room resulting in only one clean towel left in the house. Sometimes we let the guinea pig, Joshua, loose in closed off tiled parts of the house to … [Read more...]