A little note about Homeschooling

Advice for First Year homeschoolers

 The school year is quickly approaching if it's not already here for some of you. In Texas the school districts start at the beginning of September so they don't have to pay the cost of cooling the school buildings during the hottest month of the summer, August.  So we still have a few weeks before the homeschoolers can venture back out during the day without crowds. You know that's a perk to homeschooling right? The museums are empty. The grocery store is only full of older people or moms savoring the time without their children that are in public school. The park is empty except … [Read more...]

The Homeschooling Socialization Myth

Undoing the Homeschool Socialization myth

For as long as I can remember I have been hearing whispers that homeshoolers are not socialized. Before we started homeschooling I actually listed that as one of the reasons that I didn't want to homeschool because I wanted my kids to be great with other people and not a victim of homeschooling socialization issues. Yet now years later as I'm walking in the footsteps of a homeschooling family and spending time with homeschoolers and public schoolers alike, I am convinced that there are no ties between homeschooling and socialization issues, it's a myth.  The thing is that you can't … [Read more...]

When You Like Cats and Dogs Too Much

photo (95)

  I was hesitant to share this picture here because I know someone will glance at it and not read the explanation.  However the humor behind it finally convinced me to share it. Simply this is one of my daughter's writing assignment from the other day. I didn't give them any rules or guidance other than they had to write a short story and use phonics to spell everything rather than the dictionary. I wanted to see where they were at with phonic rules, plain and simple.  This is what one of my daughter's gave to me.  It is supposed to say,  "I like cats and … [Read more...]

Advice For First Year Homeschoolers

Advice for First Year homeschoolers

As this school year slowly gets under way I am hearing from more and more moms that have decided to homeschool their children this year.  From experience I know that most parents go into thinking that it's going to be a perfectly outlined routine day of dancing in the flowers with the sun shinning and birds chirping. Then the first time a tough subject is broached, books get throw, hair gets pulled out and momma gets stressed. So here's my advice for first year homeschoolers. 1. The first week or so will go great because you will have it planned to the hilt with fun activities and … [Read more...]

Small Victories


The hardest part to homeschooling is that your child's struggles and temporary limitations are very clear to you. Rather than hearing a teacher say, "oh they need to work on this",  You know the true depth of their struggles. The tears and sunken shoulders are hard to see day after day. We have one child who has been struggling with reading and remembering the alphabet. Every single mom that I have sought help with over this has said the same thing, "let them go at their own pace, they will get it in their time."  As a mom that is a hard thing to do. We want to have a child that is reading … [Read more...]

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