The Playhouse


If you follow me on facebook you saw these pictures yesterday. But there's more it than just a picture. You see, my kids built themselves a fort this week using old lattice. It was literally just a pile on the ground in an area behind our garage that I beg them to stay out of because of a large utility box back there. I hate it when they play back there. It's just dirt and electrical wires, the 2 things that no parent wants their child playing in. So I figured that the only way to keep them from playing there was to move their fort. So I took the old lattice and some cable ties and made … [Read more...]

For The Love Of Polly Pockets


Our kids are only slightly spoiled but just to the right amount and mostly at the hands of an extremely loving grandmother.  We don't give them an allowance for doing chores because right now I want them to help because they are part of the family, not because we are paying them to do it. So yesterday when Mr. Byrd told them girls that they would each get a new Polly Pocket if they helped bag up the branches we were pruning off of some plants outside, they went crazy. Those girls worked hard and with determination to be able to go get a new Polly Pocket doll. But of course, that kinda … [Read more...]

My Kids Are Weird

clara being silly for Clumsy Crafter

Tuesday afternoon we headed down to the park to play for awhile. I grabbed my camera because I wanted to play with and learn more about my new lens. The only thing that I learned is that my kids are weird. Really weird. This is my new all time favorite picture of her. This picture captures who she truly is; gorgeous, funny, life exuding and just her own person. And then Princess Girly Girl wanted me to take her picture. Hmmm..... And before we left Princess Goofy insisted that I take a picture of her sleeping on the slide. It was the insisting where we were one step away from … [Read more...]

Princess Goofy on Her Real Father


You know how kids ask those questions sometimes that kinda knock you off your rocker? Like this week when Princess Goofy asked me how babies get out of tummies. The thing is that she never gives you enough time to answer the question before she answers. Of course she blurted out her version of the answer 5 seconds later and I agreed because it's easier to agree. She also almost always asks these questions in the car, while I'm driving. Yesterday  (as I was driving) she said, "Mom, where does my real dad live?" AT this point my brain was saying a thousand times over "whaat? who? … [Read more...]