It’s a Coping Mechanism

Quick and easy flag shirts

Mr. Byrd told me that I'm being overly dramatic. Then he said "she's not a baby and hasn't been one for years!" . (But he's wrong!) She's my baby - my last child.  And today..... she's 5.  (hold me) She's 5.  (admitting that stings) She's not supposed to be 5. I'm supposed to swaddle her and rock her back to sleep. (she's resisted all attempts to be swaddled lately) For some reason she won't let me burp her or give her a bottle either.  (not that I've tried... that you know of) I tried to play peek-a-boo with her and she … [Read more...]

Birthday for the 1st Bundle

grace 9th birhtday blog

9 years ago there was something growing in my womb.  It was warm and cozy and refused to leave.  34 weeks and the safety of health felt at that mark turned to 36 weeks where everyone told me it should be any day.  Then there was 38 weeks where everything was swollen and the sleepless nights began too early.  39 weeks came and went with tears and gnashing of teeth. And then there was 40 weeks. Followed by 40 weeks and a day... and another day... and the term "induction" was introduced. And finally that word scared the thing straight out of … [Read more...]

The Coffee Pot Burn

Ellie Burned arm

There's a time in every moms life when you know that a loud sound followed by screams means that something is really wrong with your child.  This morning was one of those mornings.  The thing is that our youngest loves coffee. I give her sips of mine all the time but I have never let her touch the coffee pot and I honestly didn't even think that would be something she would do. I protect the stove and oven from her little fingers diligently but the coffee pot? I have never thought that it could hurt her.  This morning I heard a very loud crash followed be ear piercing … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Princess Newbie

The Resident Rockstar

She's 4 today. My baby is 4. That's too old!  I can't rock a 4 year old and put a little onesie on her. Ok so I could but people might think I'm weird(er).  This girl is life and it flows from her freely.  Her mannerisms are so quirky and she is the queen of silly faces.  She embraces every single minute of every single day. And sometimes at night around 2am she embraces that too. (She did not get the rock hard sleeping gene from Mr. Byrd) She's cool and she knows it. She also thinks that she is the funniest person in the world.  She has a special place … [Read more...]

Healthy Birthday Denial

Ellie playing with Water Bombs

Someone is turning 4 next week. I'm in a very healthy state of denial about it.  Very healthy. Actually I'm thinking about scratching out her year of birth on her birth certificate and going back a year. That's not crazy, right?  She's my baby and I'm sad to see her leaving the toddler years behind.  Her two older sisters are 13 months apart. Between one that had severe colic / stomach issues and a 13 month old that was extremely mischievous, I never got to simply enjoy the time with them like I do with their little sister. That's sad to say but it's true. Yes we had … [Read more...]

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