The Day She Almost Drowned – What Drowning Really Looks Like.


This Saturday our youngest daughter swam in her last swim meet for this swim team season. She worked hard from the start of the season where she hung on the lane ropes in the water more than swam to the end of the season where she blazed down the the length of the pool at a snail's pace without stopping and was victorious in her own right.  The victory was hers but more than anything it was ours as her parents. Watching her swim was a victory for us. With every kick she trampled on one of the worst memories that I have. With every breath that she took before putting her face back … [Read more...]

5 Things From The 5 Year Old

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1.  Conversation at dinner yesterday - 5 yr old to older sister: You know, one day you're going to have to marry a BOY so that babies will come out of your tummy.  Then I took a sip of my tea before hearing; "Or you could just go to the daycare and pick out a baby and take it home."  It's really hard to prevent tea from spraying out of your mouth when you're laughing that hard. 5 might be too young to start taking courses in laws and ethics but we might want to look into it for her.  2.  Foot flexibility or should it be called foot feeding … [Read more...]

It’s a Coping Mechanism

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Mr. Byrd told me that I'm being overly dramatic. Then he said "she's not a baby and hasn't been one for years!" . (But he's wrong!) She's my baby - my last child.  And today..... she's 5.  (hold me) She's 5.  (admitting that stings) She's not supposed to be 5. I'm supposed to swaddle her and rock her back to sleep. (she's resisted all attempts to be swaddled lately) For some reason she won't let me burp her or give her a bottle either.  (not that I've tried... that you know of) I tried to play peek-a-boo with her and she … [Read more...]

Birthday for the 1st Bundle

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9 years ago there was something growing in my womb.  It was warm and cozy and refused to leave.  34 weeks and the safety of health felt at that mark turned to 36 weeks where everyone told me it should be any day.  Then there was 38 weeks where everything was swollen and the sleepless nights began too early.  39 weeks came and went with tears and gnashing of teeth. And then there was 40 weeks. Followed by 40 weeks and a day... and another day... and the term "induction" was introduced. And finally that word scared the thing straight out of … [Read more...]

The Coffee Pot Burn

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There's a time in every moms life when you know that a loud sound followed by screams means that something is really wrong with your child.  This morning was one of those mornings.  The thing is that our youngest loves coffee. I give her sips of mine all the time but I have never let her touch the coffee pot and I honestly didn't even think that would be something she would do. I protect the stove and oven from her little fingers diligently but the coffee pot? I have never thought that it could hurt her.  This morning I heard a very loud crash followed be ear piercing … [Read more...]