Bread and Butter Pickle Recipe

Bread and Butter Pickle Recipe that is easy to make

  Dill pickles are amazing crunchy creations but every now and then you just want something sweet. So what's a girl to do when you find amazing cucumbers on sale at the farm stand but you're not wanting something sour? You can make this simple recipe for bread and butter pickles. Yup, it's so easy to make that you're going to want to do it too.  I only made a small serving because I'm the only one in my house that likes bread and butter pickles. I obviously live with weirdos. I didn't make dill pickles because there aren't enough cucumbers in the world to keep my daughter … [Read more...]

How to Make Strawberry Butter

strawberry butter- Easy but looks fancy and oh so yummy

This is the yummiest post I'll do all year April. Well until the Green Strawberry Granita recipe I'll be posting soon. Yes, green strawberries. Don't worry though - today's post uses delicious red ripe strawberries which are coming into season right now. So what do you do with a lot of strawberries like we wound up with after going strawberry picking? One great use is to make strawberry butter.  Here's the issue: Every time we have overnight guests I fret about what to make for breakfast. I'm not a morning person but I want to provide an amazing experience for our friends and … [Read more...]

Chocolate Covered Peeps

chocolate covered peeps, a great easter treat

 Peeps are one of those treats that you either love or you hate. There's one way to really make them loveable to everyone: dip them in chocolate! There's a lot of great things to make with Peeps but this is one of my favorites. It's simple,  yummy and involves chocolate. What part of that is bad?  I started with a king size Hershey's bar. It worked great but I would only use this method if you're going to eat them within 24 hours. After that the chocolate began to discolor and get splotchy. If you're not planning on eating them soon than I would use regular semi-sweet baking … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Icebox Pudding Pie

Gluten Free Icebox Pudding Pie

It's Pie Day! So of course I had to get my geek on and make this Gluten Free Pie. Not only is it gluten free but it's no bake.  Truthfully there's a much better story to this pie.   Every time my grandmother knew we were coming to visit her growing up she would make our favorite desserts.  There was german chocolate cake for my mom, a yellow cake with chocolate frosting for my brother and for me... there was this icebox pie which she called black forest cake. Since then I've learned that there's an actual black forest cake and this is not it.  However as I got … [Read more...]

Neapolitan Rice Krispie Treats

Neapolitan Rice Krispie Treats. Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry treats that taste like ice cream!

Neapolitan is just one of those things that screams childhood.  It's the messy ice cream that melts down your hand from your ice cream cone in the heat of summer.  But neapolitan deserved more, it deserved better. So why not take it up a notch? This week I made Neapolitan Rice Krispie Treats.  They won't melt and yet still have the yummy chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavor.  Plus they're cute! Who doesn't like that?  Honestly these Neapolitan Rice Crispy treats really do taste like the same old ice cream flavor we all love and adore.  They're easy to make … [Read more...]

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