Gluten Free Strawberry Oatmeal Bars

Gluten Free Strawberry Oatmeal Bar Recipe - so yummy!

You know that saying, "so good I could slap my momma?". Well don't stand next to her when you make these homemade gluten free strawberry oatmeal bars. Gluten free baking can be risky. Sometimes it's going to resemble a brick and taste like a loaf of paper. Other times whatever you're trying to bake might just refuse to do anything but fade into a cloud of dust. It can be hard to find good gluten free recipes.  You know what's harder? Trying to find a great replacement meal for people on the go when you have to dance a fine line between food allergies for some and a gluten free … [Read more...]

How to Make the Best Popsicles!

Blueberry and Peach Popsicles

The earth is warming up! It's that time of year when we rejoice over the fact that winter is over but in truth in 2 - 3 weeks we'll be griping over how hot it is! That's when you'll already need to know how to make the best popsicles!  Living in south Texas, one thing is true - it gets hotter than hades.  Not only does it get extremely hot and muggy but there seems to be a few weeks when it's just really hard for your body to adjust to the mild heat at the start of summer. It's crazy!  One thing that always helps with heat are popsicles.  For years we bought the messy … [Read more...]

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and Pretzels

how to make chocolate dipped strawberries

There's a simple answer to any question that begins with "what do I do with?".  The answer is - dip it in chocolate.  Ok so maybe that won't work for everything but wouldn't it be glorious if it did?  "Mom, what do I do with the cat that won't stop meowing?".   Dip it in chocolate. "Honey what do I do with this sink full of dirty dishes?" Dip it in chocolate. Ok so that won't work. But there is one simple thing that always does work - Chocolate dipped strawberries and pretzels. But how do you make chocolate dipped strawberries or chocolate dipped … [Read more...]

Copy Cat Moose Munch Chocolate Bark

imitation moose munch chocolate bark recipe

There might be a new saying soon, "A minute on the blog and a lifetime on the hips".   Today isn't about being good. It's about being baaad.  It's about enjoying life and the chocolate that's in it.  Most importantly it's about the simplest but fanciest chocolate recipe you'll ever own.  If you've never made chocolate bark than you're missing out. It is the easiest candy that you can make.  Chocolate bark is just melted chocolate with ingredients added and before it's allowed to harden again.  Yes any chocolate bark recipe is good. But what if you add … [Read more...]

Homemade Graham Crackers Are Life Changing

homemade graham cracker recipe - so easy!

I thought my life was changed the day I figured out you can make marshmallows at home. They are so much better than any package of marshmallows will ever be. Then one day while making s'mores with homemade marshmallows I knew that I was still missing something. That's when I found out that can you make your own graham crackers! Yes friends, you've been missing out. All you need is an easy graham cracker recipe and your life will be rocked.  You don't even have to use the graham crackers to make s'mores, you can just eat them plain or smeared with peanut butter. The glorious thing … [Read more...]