DIY Slime – Great for Bored Kids This Summer!

Easy slime tutorial - make your own slime

This week has been crazy.  I wish my kids would have had time to be bored. I wish I would have had time to be bored!  But if you do have time and you have kids that are complaining of summer boredom, this post might help!  Did you know that you can make DIY slime using kid's glue? You can! It's a great post by my friend Kelley, of The Grant Life.  She shared it on this blog last year but it's a great easy summer craft to do with kids to keep them busy.  Check out the post here: DIY Glitter Slime … [Read more...]

The Water Blob – Prepare for Summer Fun!


Ah The Water Blob. To be truthful, this post is what first put this little blog on the map. Almost overnight it was a hit and hasn't been the same since!  But! It's fun. It's the perfect summer activity for all ages! The water blob is cool and fun to play on for hours. I even had dreams of reading a book on it while the kids napped. However we all know that no kid will ever nap when you have plans to enjoy yourself. Go check it out and learn how to make your own water blob!  Or you can pin this post for later here!  … [Read more...]

T-Shirts For The 4th of July! All You Need Is Spray Paint And Tape!

DIY Flag shirt with spray paint

4th of July will be here before you know it! Chances are that you'll want something patriotic to wear. The other day I had a company approach me that wanted me to share with you guys their flag print bikinis and adult onesies. Something inside of me just screamed "NO!".  But the good news is that there's more modest and age appropriate ways to celebrate for those of us who have gravity working against us. This is also a really great way to make quick and easy flag shirts for kids.  Click over here for full instructions to make your own flag shirt using spray paint and painter's … [Read more...]

How To Prepare Your Fridge/Freezer For Power Outage

how to save your food in a power outage

Living on the gulf coast there's a certainty that you are going to loose all the food in your fridge and freezer at some point due to a tropical storm or hurricane. Bad storms happen and most likely you'll have to spend time picking up debris and making repairs. One of the worst parts of bad storms that take out your electricity for a few hours or days isn't the repairs or damage, it's dealing with your refrigerator and freezer when you haven't had power to keep it cool.  With a few simple steps you can prepare your fridge and freezer for power outages and hopefully save the food … [Read more...]

All You Need Is Spray Paint – Simple and Quick Sign Craft

spray paint project

The call me crafty. Just kidding. They call me clumsy.  For example today a jar of purple tempra paint exploded in my face. My glasses were so covered I couldn't see. I found paint in my nose, in my hair and on two different walls behind me.  Did I mention that it happened in a room full of kids? Do you know how to make kids laugh? I don't mean just kinda laugh, I mean belly roll on the floor laugh? Let a bottle of paint explode in your face.  Then I continued my clumsy streak tonight when I uploaded the pictures for this craft and found out my camera had been on the … [Read more...]