Trick Or Treat, Smell My Feet, Bring Me Christmas Toffee To Eat

2015 halloween costumes

Halloween is over. Whew!  Did anyone else find themselves making costumes the night before halloween or was that just me?  The past few years we've had many different costumes. Way way back we had Tinkerbell, A princess and a very sad M&M. Once she figured out she got candy, her night improved greatly.  And yes, the pink princesses skirt was sewn on sideways, thanks for noticing.  The next year we traveled to my in-laws house in North Texas for halloween. Once again we had princesses, two hand sewn and one repurposed birthday gift Snow White … [Read more...]

How To Get Super Glue Off Of Skin

how to get superglue off of skin

Super glue. It's the glue that we can't live without yet we can never use without somehow getting stuck. Don't worry, today I'm going to share how I get super glue off skin.  This process is much easier than you think. Getting super glue off skin isn't rocket science but when your hands are literally stuck together, the panic of the moment can keep you from thinking clearly. It's easy to freak out and panic when you're stuck to something or super glue is stuck to you.  In fact, if you want a good laugh about super glue check out one of my favorite videos about a brother who put … [Read more...]

Holiday Entertaining Tips To Make Your Life Easier

holiday entertaining tips

The holidays are almost here. You have a few more days to lie safely in your bed without worry but once halloween has passed, the race is on! From that day on, the clock is ticking until it's your turn to host a get together.  Hopefully this sponsored post from Viva® Vantage® can help you figure out how you can entertain in style and grace without catching all your dishtowels on fire (or is that just me?).  Entertaining doesn't have to be stressful. There's a few simple tips and ideas that can help your holiday entertaining look like it's straight out of the pages of Martha … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Icebox Pudding Pie – It’s Granny’s Recipe

Gluten Free Icebox Pudding Pie

This is my granny's recipe.  Yesterday was her birthday and I waited too late in the day to call her. I'm a bad granddaughter but she's always been the best grandmother imaginable.  Things with my grandparents have really changed over the past few years. I remember the last time we visited them at their house and she was trying to send me home with a ton of stuff. I kept putting it back and telling her we would get it at a later time if she still wanted us to take it.  Before I was able to visit again they had to be moved into a facility and their belongings were put into … [Read more...]