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10 years ago I was 24. We had been married for just a little over a year and I was still scared to drive over the tall overpasses in Houston.  Living in a big city was still new to me and I was convinced that I would be mugged at anytime. I was heavily pregnant and almost to my March 5th due date. All I remember about my 24th birthday was begging God to please let me go into labor.  I didn't go into labor that day.  However one week after my 24th birthday, on March 9th, I did get a late birthday present. This was our first "family" photo. I painted the … [Read more...]

13 Insanely Crafty Easter Ideas

13 Insanely Crafty Easter Ideas

  It always amazes me what ideas people come up with. However when I first saw all these Easter crafts, I was blown away. So today I want to share with you these 13 Insanely Crafty Easter Ideas. If you want to go to the idea to learn more about it or how to make it, simply click on the picture. Since we want to give credit to the creator, please go to the original site to Pin the picture. Leave me a comment below telling me which one is your favorite idea.   So which one of these Easter Craft ideas was your favorite?   … [Read more...]

Keeping Your House Market Ready

How to keep your home clean and spotless when it's on the market!

How can you keep your house spotless and ready to show at a moments notice when you're busy with life and kids? This is an old post from when we sold our first home three years ago and all our children were 6 and under. But it's a popular post on Pinterest and I know that many of you are getting ready to list your homes for sale right now. Hopefully this old post will give you some helpful tips. Just remember - it's going to be worth it in the end!  Anytime I hear someone mention listing their home for sale, I hear the same thing. "Groan... I have to keep the house clean!".  … [Read more...]

The Perfect Harry Potter Birthday Party

The Best Harry Potter Birthday Ideas! Throw and amazing party in the Harry Potter Style

One thing is true - Harry Potter fans are fierce! They know the books and movies forwards and back again. Some of them are so loyal that they're even willing to put a Ministy of Magic sticker on their toilet. So that's why it makes perfect sense to throw them the Perfect Harry Potter Birthday Party for their birthdays.  However the problem at my house is that it's filled with girly girls who want princess parties and only one man who loves Harry Potter but might be too old for a themed party.  That's why we're going to host a virtual birthday party for Mr. Byrd (who's … [Read more...]

Painting With Young Kids

Painting with kids

Painting with young kids is fun but it can be a hassle. There's spilled paint, painted siblings, painted hair, paint in the nose and maybe even paint in the ears.  Painting with young kids can give you gray hair way before your time.  But with a few simple tips, painting with young kids can be easier.  1.  Mix a few drops of dish soap into paint when painting with kids. The soap helps it easily clean up, especially when the paint gets dripped or spilled on clothing.  2. Buy powdered Tempra paint. Yes, it can be messy to mix and the powder can go everywhere if … [Read more...]

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