Two Steppin’ Adventure

Fort Worth Stockyards

This week the girls and I (sans Mr. Byrd) loaded up and hit the road to visit family in the Dallas- Ft. Worth area.  I love to drive and explore and I'm hoping that if I drag my kids off on my adventures enough than one day they might just choose to do the same.  The real surprise of the week was that I actually left my house on time Friday morning and we made it to Fort Worth with about an hour to spare before my Mother-in-law would be home from work. What to do when you have an hour to spare? Well for starters you can always get lost in downtown Ft. Worth. Then while you're … [Read more...]

When Life Gives You Heat, Melt Things!

melted crayon art project

The heat has reached Houston. The dog days of summer are here! So what's a girl to do besides a fun summer craft that utilizes that heat?  Today it was 93 degrees at 8pm. I'm pretty sure my underwear melted. It's just miserable and will be for a few more weeks. Don't get me wrong - I love Houston but the first really hot week of the summer is always the worst as your body gets used to the heat.  This is another old but good post from 2011. But! It's the perfect project to try right now with kids. It's hot and crayons are cheap. Grab you a canvas or two on sale from Hobby … [Read more...]

The Salvation Letters


Last week my kids went to Vacation Bible School. They did what any kid normally does at vacation bible school. There was singing, craft time, games and more. It was same ol', same ol' even in one part that I didn't want to be the same. You see last year as I picked our oldest up one day from VBS I was handed a letter. I opened the letter in our van and my heart sank to the floor. What could be in a letter that caused that reaction?  The letter informed me that on that day during what this church calls the Big Show, my daughter had accepted Christ. I know what you're … [Read more...]


Just a little note

Happy Friday friends!  From time to time it's necessary to take care of a little bit of business on this blog.  Right now is a great time to do that because Mr. Byrd is changing the hard drive on my personal computer. I have no access to my pictures and files but I do have plenty of worry. I'm more nervous right now than I was before the birth of our children. Ok that's a joke (but not really).  So here's the business that we need to get down to: I have been posting 5 days a week, Monday - Friday at 7am. However Blog Elevated Conference is just around the corner and … [Read more...]

Repurposing Old Bags (and I don’t mean me)

How to take and old promotional tote to a really cute bag! Repurpose and resue!

It seems like no matter what profession you're in there will always be plenty of one thing - promotional bags and totes. Don't get me wrong, they are so handy to have at conference to carry your stuff in. It's so nice to be handed a bag to put everything into when your hands just can't carry anything else. But then you get home and you've left with a pile of bags that have the brand logo on them. What do you do with promotional totes and bags when the event is over? Sure you can still use them but what about when the conference no longer exists? Or what if you see a great tote bag at the … [Read more...]

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