Moss Love Easter Eggs

floral easter eggs that you can make with moss and fake flowers

This post is from last year. However since this has been an eggcellent week of easter egg ideas, this is the perfect fit! I hope you enjoy this post for Mossy Easter Eggs.  Don't get me wrong, colorful plastic eggs are cheery and fun but sometimes you just want something different.  So how can you get that slice of different with still bringing in your crafty side? It's easy to make customized easter eggs using moss  sheets and spray adhesive. Each of these eggs took only a few minutes to make and left a great effect that causes  spring to collide with Easter. These … [Read more...]

Kidney Stone Vs. Birth

Kidney Stones vs Birth - which is more painful?

There's a great debate that's raged for years. Are kidney stones more painful than giving birth?  Automatically men are excluded from weighing in on this debate but it doesn't mean that they aren't curious about if the pain they experienced from the kidney stone was worse than labor.  Many younger women also wonder if the kidney stone they're experiencing would be worse than any future labor pains.  So what's the verdict?  YES. But the pain is different.  Many years ago when I was in college I had 5 kidney stones back to back.  The first time it … [Read more...]

Crafty Easter Ideas

13 More Insanely Crafty Easter Ideas

  Edited to Add: This is last year's round up of crafty Easter Ideas. Why am I sharing this with you now after I shared the original Crafty Easter Ideas last week? Because there's even more crafty Easter ideas on the way! Take a glance and let me know what ones you are planning to make this Easter.  Last year I posted a round up of 13 Insanely Crafty Easter Ideas. You guys loved it. Since you guys loved it and you guys get what you guys want, (read "you guys" in a northern mobster accent more like "youz guys" and it'll be a lot more fun - and now try to get that out of your head … [Read more...]

The Downslope.


When she turned 8 we started a mental countdown of how many years we have left with her living as a child, under our roof.  9 was hard because it's the halfway point. You're halfway done with their childhood. Wow. It's a time to sit back and take a mental note of how much future therapy you might have caused so far.  But today we hit a new mark. 10.  Gulp. 10 isn't just 10.  10 is only 8 years until 18, it's the downslope.   It's 6 years until driving (maybe) a real car. Only 6 years ago she was recklessly driving the power wheels John Deere … [Read more...]

So Fresh and So Clean, Clean


I'm on the mend my friends.   Thanks for being patient while I got over a really bad Kidney Infection.  Tuesday I went back to the doctor and got a different prescription which really seems to be helping.   I haven't mentioned it lately but my right foot is also still in a medical walking boot (fancy cast). Monday I went to a different doctor and finally got a timeline for physical therapy and getting out of this boot! I also finally got the MRI results on my foot which showed my that Achilles Tendon has a small tear and I have damage to two other tendons. How did … [Read more...]

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