Happy Easter

Easter Shepherd lays down his life for the sheep

  Happy Easter friends. I hope your weekend is blessed and a sweet time spent with friends and family.     … [Read more...]

Handmade Giveaway: Pillow Covers

Win these Pillow covers at ClumsyCrafter.com

 Pillows are my favorite.   Maybe it's because you can use them to spruce up a couch or maybe it's because you use them for naps. I'll let you decide.  Or I'll let the pillows tell me what to do.  But honestly pillows are amazing because you can change the look and feeling of a room so easily.  Fun loving friends coming to visit? Toss a pillow onto the guest bed that is covered with an Eat More Bacon pillow cover.  Your great aunt not-so-funny comes to visit? Cover the pillow with a nice personalized family name pillow cover and you'll be classy in her … [Read more...]

Easy Moss Easter Eggs

Pretty floral easter egg you can make with moss

Don't get me wrong, colorful plastic eggs are cheery and fun but sometimes you just want something different.  So how can you get that slice of different with still bringing in your crafty side? It's easy to make customized easter eggs using moss  sheets and spray adhesive. Each of these eggs took only a few minutes to make and left a great effect that causes  spring to collide with Easter. These are so pretty that you can even leave them out after Easter.  So how do you make moss covered easter eggs? Easy.  Start with a sheet of moss - don't get the bag of … [Read more...]

Handmade Giveaways: Modern Dream Catchers


Wednesday is quickly becoming one of my favorite days. Y'all! This Handmade Giveaway is like getting to go to a craft fair without your husband glancing at his watch 50 times and claiming to have lost the debit card.  And the best part is that one of you will get to walk away with an amazing handmade product for free.  Today's giveaway is Modern Doily Dream Catchers by Jerica McDonough.  You had me at doily.   Isn't that lovely? It's so eye catching and beautiful.  I love doilies. They bring back memories of my mother making them by hand whenever she … [Read more...]

Strawberry Pickin’

strawberry picking 4.jpg

For the past two weeks I've been telling Mr. Byrd that I wanted to go pick strawberries. His reply every time was, "just go do it!".   Even though I'm home all day I still have things I have to get done.  There's clothes to wash and fold, kids to educate, errands to run, dishes taking over my sink and so much more. Its been a busy past few weeks and I felt like I was never going to make it before the season ends here in Texas, which is soon.   Then last week I looked at the weather forecast and realized that if we didn't make it on Friday, we wouldn't make it for another week. … [Read more...]

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