The Cutest Magnets for Valentine’s Day

Mini Canvas Magnets from Clumsy Crafter

This is an old post from last year. But it is one of my favorite all time projects. It's just so fun and easy. It's hard to take it too seriously when it's just a magnet. Get some friends together and have a lil' magnet painting party!  One of my favorite ways to relax is to just paint. (Disclaimer - I'm not a pro.) But without a doubt it is a great way to just sit down and have time to yourself to craft. These Mini Canvas Magnets I made the other day are the perfect craft that just gets your creative juices flowing, your hands mucked up with paint and gives you a chance to just sit and … [Read more...]

The True Price of Gas

The True Price of Gas - It's much more than you think.

Gas prices are the lowest they have been in years, if not a decade. People are rejoicing and it's easy to understand why they are happy about the lower prices.  But there's a cost to these lower prices that few are seeing. For every buck or two saved at the pump, thousands of families are losing one, and possibly the only, wage earner to lay-offs.  How do I know? My husband was laid off. Friday is his final day at work.  My husband has worked in the oil and gas industry for the past 11 years.  Every weekday, and some weekends, he's rode the commuter bus 40 minutes to … [Read more...]

Time To Treat Yourself Crafters!


This is an exciting day! Today the Ultimate DIY Bundle goes on sale.  What's that and why do I need it you ask?  Well it's 76 total DIY E-books and e-courses that will fill your crafting heart with joy. Seriously people, there's even patterns! And a free class from Craftsy!    There's so many e-books, patterns and e-courses that I can't show you all of them.   And after you get the e-books, patterns and e-courses they throw in some bonus gifts. One of the bonus gifts is a free class from Craftsy, which is a great resource for learning new … [Read more...]

The Greatest Gift My Grandfather Gave To Me


When I was a child I became convinced that I was adopted. Saying that I was the black sheep of our family would be an understatement. Honestly I was more like the golden-magenta imaginary sheep of the family. My older sister was a gorgeous, very popular cheerleader. My little brother was friends with everyone and could talk to anyone. What about me? Well. I was shy. The woods and imaginary world of books were my friends. I had pink glasses, metal braces and unfortunate hair. Obviously I was adopted. One day I arrived home from school to find my grandfather waiting for me. He had heard … [Read more...]

Simple Romantic Rose Tote Bag

Simple Rose Tote bag made using celery!

Lately the Easy Heart Tote Bag is going crazy on Pinterest, which is great! But I have a confession to make. It's not my favorite tote bag. Yes, I love it and my kids use it for their books but I'm a romantic, flowery type person. I told Mr. Byrd a long time ago that he doesn't need to give me jewelry, just bring me flowers occasionally.  Then I got more practical and sleep deprived and told him to stop bringing flowers and bring home Starbucks instead.  But I already have enough coffee stained tote bags, shirts, and pants to remind me of coffee. So it's easy to see … [Read more...]

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