Dealing With Those Crazy Preteen Years (Or Why I Have Gray Hair)

The Sadie Robertson Collection from Dayspring

Raising three girls I often wonder about how they will handle life as they get older. If I was a mother to boys, which I'm not, I'm sure I would also think about their future. But there's something about girls that I tend to worry more about.  Girls deal with more when it comes to emotions and their hearts trying to dictate their paths over wisdom or even common sense at times as they go through the teen years and onto adulthood.  Like most parents we looked at these little girls toddling around in diapers with chocolate all over their faces and said, "we have so much time until … [Read more...]

How To Squeeze A Little S’mores Out Of Summer

Smore marshmallow recipe

Summer seems to be slipping through our fingers at a rapid speed. The heat of summer is here and the pools are so hot that it's not even worth trying to swim. That's always a sign here in Houston that summer is coming to a close. Right now we're trying to pack all of the snowcones, summer breeze popsicles, and s'mores into our days that we can before we trade them out for pumpkin lattes. If you love s'mores than this post is for you. If you hate s'mores but your kids love them, this post is for you. If you hate s'mores and your kids hate s'mores than I need to talk to you. So let's talk … [Read more...]

Raising The Not So Perfect Child


In all honesty, there are days that I can't figure out why I don't have my act together as a mom or why my kids aren't picture perfect. We've all seen the kids in the stores wearing perfectly matched clothes with their hair perfect and not an once of dirt to be found on them. Then I glance over at my kids with their sloppy hair, mismatched clothes, and the occasional (ok more than occasional) dirty face. Is it because I'm a bad mom? Do I not care enough to go upstairs each night and lay out the perfect outfit for my kids and iron out any wrinkles, scrub any spots? Why don't I fix their … [Read more...]

My Favorite Free Printables

free printables from clumsy crafter

I like free printables. They're simple. All you have to do is print and then you have so many cute signs that you can either pop in a frame or use in various craft projects.  So out of all the printables here on Clumsy Crafter, which ones are my personal favorites?  1. Wicked Chickens Make Deviled Eggs.  Maybe it's my love of deviled eggs that makes this printable sign one of my all time favorites but I can't help but giggle a little when I see it.  2. Live In The Sunshine -  This printable just makes me happy. I love the saying, the colors and … [Read more...]

Definition: The Perfect Weekend

IMG_3191 7

24 hours spent in one of my favorite places. It's a magical place. Where apples grow in the Texas heat. The skies and water match. The girls get to swim in the same spot their dad swam when he was growing up.  The fish are biting and the bait girl is cuter than most. Where the boat goes in figure eights crossing from Texas waters to Louisiana and back again. Somewhere in that time and place you realize that even the hardest season of life didn't destroy you.  And then, God sang a love song dressed as a lullaby.  Perfect … [Read more...]