The Big Craft Project Fail(s)

watermelon rice krispie fail

People ask me a lot if I ever get craft fails or if I trash a project after it goofs up too badly to be saved. The answer is YES.  But this weekend took the cake.  This past weekend I was determined. Without a doubt I was going to do several great craft ideas that I'd been putting off for weeks.  Nothing would stand in my way! Nothing! And then the crafts laughed at me while the chanted "fail!, fail!, fail!".  The first craft fail was just a bad decision on my part.  My plan was to use a stamp to make a template on a wooden letter of the area I wanted … [Read more...]

Bread and Butter Pickle Recipe – So Yummy.

pickle recipe

This post is from last year but it truly is yummy. It's sweet with just a hint of spice.  It's a really simple recipe to make, one of the easiest there is. If you've never made homemade pickles before, this is a great place to start. Pick the cucumbers that are flooding your gardens and try homemade bread and butter pickles. Dill pickles are amazing crunchy creations but every now and then you just want something sweet. So what's a girl to do when you find amazing cucumbers on sale at the farm stand but you're not wanting something sour? You can make this simple recipe for bread … [Read more...]

The Simple Story Of A Wheat Harvest That Changed A Life

Ruth found a blessing when she was faithful where she was at.

Sometimes we bemoan and cry out because we don't believe that our portion is enough. We look at what others have and think, "why can't I have that?". The other day I was leaving the store, pushing our shopping cart out to my husband's car which is more than enough but is older. Next to me was a lady loading her groceries into an extremely shiny luxury vehicle with DVD screens in the headrests and beautiful tan leather. "What did she do to afford that?" I wondered in my head. "How can I get there?", was my next thought.  Then I opened the door to my husbands car and our youngest … [Read more...]

DIY Concrete Garden Balls – Who doesn’t love to play with concrete?

DIY Concrete Garden Balls

 I've been admiring DIY Concrete Garden Balls on Pinterest for quite awhile.  I read this tutorial on The Garden Glove, which I found on Pinterest, and knew that I could easily make these. Plus it helps that we replaced a very ugly ceiling fan with 5 globe light covers awhile back and I've been hoarding the covers in my craft room since then.  The only thing that was holding me back from doing this project earlier is that I simply kept forgetting to buy the portland cement.  So of course I did what any logical woman would do - I went to Lowes one day by myself and … [Read more...]

Dealing With Those Crazy Preteen Years (Or Why I Have Gray Hair)

The Sadie Robertson Collection from Dayspring

Raising three girls I often wonder about how they will handle life as they get older. If I was a mother to boys, which I'm not, I'm sure I would also think about their future. But there's something about girls that I tend to worry more about.  Girls deal with more when it comes to emotions and their hearts trying to dictate their paths over wisdom or even common sense at times as they go through the teen years and onto adulthood.  Like most parents we looked at these little girls toddling around in diapers with chocolate all over their faces and said, "we have so much time until … [Read more...]