About Me


Howdy! My name is Bobbie Byrd      

I’m an artsy-fartsy person that believes everyone has a creative bone in their body. Crafting is easy because it’s creative. It’s not supposed to look perfect – it’s supposed to be handmade with love. 

My goal is to inspire other woman because of the women that have inspired me. Whether the inspiration comes from funny parenting stories, life hacks to help you simplify your life or easy craft tutorials that anyone can do – I want to help you believe in the beauty and ingenuity within yourself. 

Facts about me:

  • Houstonian by force but I’ve fallen in love with this city.
  • Wife to Mr. Byrd and mom to three girls (born 05′, 06′, and 09′)
  • Younger than Mr. Byrd and that will never change!
  • Believer in Christ.
  • Pencil lover who’s obsessed with beautiful views. All I need is a sunset and a Ticonderoga. 

Are you really Clumsy?

Blessed with two trick knees and the newly acquired torn Achille’s Tendon, I am a pro at clumsy. You really can super glue your fingers together and spray adhesive really will make you stick to everything – trust me, I know. I can tell you how to pull stains off of almost every surface. Or if you know how to get the vivid pink and purple dye off your hands the night before you go engagement ring shopping, I know all about that too! 

Yes. I really am clumsy and I see it as a gift even if my new age podiatrist believes I’m harming my energy by calling myself Clumsy Crafter.

The Blogging Side

There’s a lot of wordy professional jargon that could go here about my blogging history and my love of web design and social media but I’ll save you all and tell you that if you want to know, check out my Linkedin.  

Many years ago when I decided to start blogging on a professional level, it was the amazing connections I made at our local Houston Bloggers group (such as Houston on the Cheap, Freebies4Mom,  and Moms Confession) that told me how to do it.  

Three years ago Lisa Stauber and I decided to take Houston Bloggers to a national level and formed Blog Elevated Conference.  Blog Elevated was formed to help bloggers educate themselves on the principles that we need to be better bloggers such as strong business practices, upper level SEO / Analytics and how to conquer social media platforms. 

We’re proud of Blog Elevated. It’s grown to a thousands strong community of bloggers with a weekly trending Twitter chat using the hashtag #BlogElevated. 

If you’re a blogger – check out Blog Elevated Conference and Community.  If you want to start a blog? I can help you with that as well. Read this post on How to Start a Blog.     

If you are interested in working together or are in Public Relations, check out my Work With Me page. 

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