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Welcome to Clumsy Crafter. If you’re new here than you probably don’t know this yet but I love lists. So what’s a better way to introduce myself than with a list? Put your boots that were made for walkin’ on and off we go…

  1.  I am Bobbie Byrd. A born and bred true blooded Texan living in the sweltering land known as Houston.
  2. Seven years ago I married my dream come true hunk of a man named Damion. He gifted me with three awesome little girls over the past few years. They are referred to as “the princesses” but only here on the blog. In real life, I call them by whatever name flies out of my mouth at the moment, usually their sister’s.
  3. Three words that would best define me would be: creative, dingbat, rule breaker, independent, long winded, lovable, huggable, wisdom seeker, faithful, optimist, one crayon short of a whole box, and major procrastinator.
  4. On this blog you will find anything and everything ranging from crafts, tutorials, diaper details, sewing instructions, laughs, pictures of swollen body parts, faith, and my hunk of burnin’ love.
  5. Personally my goal over the next few years is to put Martha Stewart to shame. Just kidding! I know that’s not possible. Maybe I could just put her last in line helper to shame. That would work for me.
  6. I’m easy to please, cold hating, snake fearing, outdoorsy from a window, clumsy to perfection, God believing, fabric loving, craft supplies hoarder, diapering pro, old fashioned meets no fashion, mom jean wearing neighbor flasher (accidentally!), who at the end of the day just wants to spend the last moments of daylight in a family tickle fest.

Come join me in this journey of life. I will never be perfect but I promise you that I will always be me (that’s scary).


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