How to Make Wire Wrapped Bracelets

Make Wire Wrapped Bracelets from Clumsy Crafter!

Let's just say that I'm not joking when I say that I could kiss these bracelets on the lips. I made these this past weekend and you know what? It was fun and easy! YES! What else do you need to know? Oh you want to know how to make wire wrapped bracelets for yourself? Done. First you need to gather supplies. This turned out to be a little more difficult that I would have liked. I went to Hobby Lobby first but they had no beads that would work for this project but they did have the gold wire I wanted to use. So I decided not to buy anything at Hobby Lobby and snake my way over to Michaels … [Read more...]

Advice for the College Bound!

advice for college freshmen

It's that time when Facebook and Twitter are fully of weepy parents dropping their child off for the first year of college. I get it, I do because I got weepy dropping the resident 5 year old off for Vacation Bible School this summer. Don't worry - I made her eat Ramen Noodles and trash her room all week so she would get the full college effect (she was in heaven).  However looking back on my college years and the years since then, I have a few words of advice for those going off to college.  #1. Regret is going to happen but you have control of how much.  11 years … [Read more...]

A Day in the Life of Clumsy Crafter (cue ominous music)


Today I'm going to periodically post what our day looks like so you can follow the daily life of Clumsy Crafter. It's thrilling!  Ok so it's really not thrilling, more like mediocre and sometimes boring.  BUT! this is your chance to be nosy and who doesn't love a good peek into someone's lives? I'm inviting you in, be prepared for mind blowing nothingness! I've sold you on coming back later to check back in haven't I?  7:30 am -  All the sudden there's dogs, kids and a kitten in my bed. Time to get up before they take over. 8:30am - The cereal … [Read more...]

Painting With a Twist!

Painting With a Twist!

I have a new addiction. Painting with a Twist. Have you been?  If you're not sure what that is - let me take a minute and explain. You know how most of us dream of just whipping out a canvas and painting a show stopping masterpiece? So you go to hobby lobby, load up on all the different shades of paint and a few random brushes and come home to paint your masterpiece!  And when you're finished it looks more like an elephant painted it using his trunk, a stick and a mixture of mud and other brown stuff? Yeah. That. If that's ever happened to you than you need to get … [Read more...]

Concrete Craft FAIL!

broken concrete vase

Everyone always asks if I ever have any huge craft fails. I just tell them to look up at the header and tell me what it says.  Clumsy Crafter - at your service. Usually I don't post my craft fails, I just rework them to something that does work or I find another use for the parts.  This fail though was hard to take. I was in love with the project from the get go and I was so excited that I rushed through it.  If you remember a few weeks ago I lugged home 100lbs of Portland Cement and decided to try a few different craft projects using cement.  The DIY Garden … [Read more...]

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