Do You Wanna Build a Snowman (Ornament)?

Wood slice Snowman Ornament

Do you wanna build a snowman? No? Ok. What about a snowman ornament for your christmas tree?  This is a very easy christmas craft that would be perfect for large groups such as MOPS or other get togethers to make together.  It doesn't take many supplies and it's pretty hard to mess up. Trust me, I tried.  The main part of this project is the rough edge wood coaster that will be your base. You can find them on right here or at your local craft stores.  You will also need paintbrushes, a pencil with an eraser, and the paint colors white, black, pink … [Read more...]

What is it With the Holidays?

dec07 037

 Ah the holidays... A time when everyone pulls their camera out and catches you in moments of surprise with a mouthful of turkey and eggnog stains on your shirt.  I fully believe that the holidays are when the most blackmail opportunities are created. In that time and space we might hate those photos of ourselves. We might label ourselves as fat or as having a bad hair day and bury the photos deep in the back of the filing cabinet. But years later we pull out those photos and our heart skips a beat because they are photos that might have changed our life or captured moments … [Read more...]

How to Cover Faucets for Winter

How to protect your outdoor faucets from freezing

One thing in my life is certain:  Every single time the words "freeze warning" or "freeze watch" comes across the weather forecast, my husband will not be home.  What does that mean? Simply that I had to learn how to wrap our pipes to prevent them from freezing in the cold.  11 years ago we had no clue what to do to prepare our home for our first winter.  Since we live in South Texas, it's not something that anyone really worries about until that occasional hard freeze hits.  You can laugh all you want but when the hard freeze warning comes across the forecast … [Read more...]

Oh’ Where Is My Hairbrush?

9 years ago when our oldest child was a few months old we headed out to our home church group one sunday night considering ourselves seasoned parents.  As many first time parents of infants do, we had already declared ourselves pros and we knew what we would and would not allow our children to do in the future. We had it planned. We had it together.  (stop laughing) During home group a woman who I greatly admired shakily stood up, leaning on a chair,  and started telling a story in detail about how she basically went crazy over a hairbrush.  Once again her … [Read more...]

How to Make Marzipan Pumpkins

Pumpkin Cupcake Toppers using Marzipan Pumpkins

Many years ago when I had a lot more sleep and two less children I started a little blog known as Clumsy Crafter. One of the first tutorials I ever did was a simple How to Make Marzipan Pumpkins.  The pictures on that post are old and dark. The grammar and spelling errors are interesting.   So today since I'm holding on tight to fall and Thanksgiving when everyone else is running full force towards Christmas, I'd like to once again try to show you how to make marzipan pumpkins.  These are the perfect fall decoration to top cupcakes with. They're easy and really hard to … [Read more...]

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