Fresh Catch of the Day

cat catching fish copy

Imagine this.... You hear footsteps on the stairs early in the morning and you know by the timing of them that it's just the oldest child, the early bird of the family, who will get her own breakfast and entertain herself while you lay in bed for awhile longer. So you cozy up against your pillow again ready to cat nap until the little one gets up when you hear "MOM! Oreo is eating Toby!". Now I know that doesn't seem so heart pounding until you realize that Oreo is our cat and Toby is was our fish.  In all honesty, Toby should have been a cat.  He's had 9 lives and then … [Read more...]

Costumes, Candy and Cheesecake

Flower Pot Costume from The Dollar Store

On October 1st my oldest child looked at me and said "only 30 days until Halloween!".   I looked at the calendar and groaned.  I'm pretty sure my friend Nicki Woo looked at the calendar and did somersaults in her front yard while trying not to smash her giant spider yard decorations. Personally I'm not a big fan of Halloween.  Just to be truthful, I'd rather replace that day on the calendar with a better holiday such as National Cheesecake Day where instead of parade around in costumes, we just make (and eat) cheesecakes.  Who's with me? But... it happens … [Read more...]

Life and Pepto Bismol


Hello friends.  I bet you thought I had painted Where's Waldo stripes on my shirt and was currently hiding in large crowds and weird architectural structures.  Don't worry - I'm not here to play "Where's Waldo; Clumsy Crafter edition".  Last week was Blog Elevated Conference, which I work towards for an entire year.  The Conference was amazing - oh so so so amazing. But there will be more on that in a few days.  Today let's talk about support.  Sometimes as a mom it's easy to get into the daily grind and workhorse mentality of all things gross and … [Read more...]

Fall was here… for a day or so

Pumpkin Skillet Cheesecake Brownies from The Grant Life

Fall was here. It lasted about 48 hours.  My kids drank it up with long sleeves and jackets, playing outside for as long as they possibly could. Did I mention it was in the high 70's? Yup. The goofballs had jackets on.  In their defense, they have never traveled outside further north than Dallas in the winter.  They probably think that ice freezes at 50 degrees, which I'm pretty sure it does.  (I hate being cold)  Even though it was back into the high 90's today and we probably have 6 more weeks of summer here in Houston, fall is exploding on Pinterest and … [Read more...]

10 Days!

10 days blog elevated

Today is 10 days until Blog Elevated Conference.  I'm cooler than a cucumber and pretty sure that's just a jumping bean in my chest, not heart palpitations.  Organizing a big conference like this brings to light many different things. Some of which I already knew and some that I'm learning.  1. Trying to loose weight before a stressful event is similar to to trying to find a healthy donut that's good for you.  Stress makes you stress out about when your next intake of sugar will be. Also the high amounts of coffee don't help the weight loss goal when you have to have … [Read more...]

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