Laundry Room Makeover – Phase 1

laundry room makeover

Slowly but surely since we moved into this house we've been changing it to fit our taste and style (or lack thereof).  One room in this house has really been on my nerves but I'm happy to say that I have finally started to tackle the laundry room, which is also our back entry to the house. So today let me walk you through the first phase of my laundry room makeover and show you some possible future plans.  When we moved into his house three years ago everything was the same shade of yellowed white.  It wasn't a bright crisp white, no.... The previous owners had matched the … [Read more...]

September Means….


It's almost September.  You know what that means right? No it doesn't mean that I'm dancing around on a bus singing because my kids went back to school. We homeschool so that wouldn't really help me anyway. It also doesn't mean that I'm getting ready for apple picking and hay rides because we live in Houston where it's too hot to grow apples and also too hot to venture outside for the next 3 weeks.  What it does mean is that I'm hunkering down and getting ready for Blog Elevated Conference. Monday I stared at my laptop for a few hours straight, followed by more … [Read more...]

The Epitome of Clumsy Crafter

decorating a walking case

Oh let's hope that this Monday isn't like last Monday.  It is Monday so we do have a few strikes against us to begin with but last Monday.... wow... it was a long day.  It started out pretty innocent enough. I woke up, stumbled to the coffee maker and then retreated to our quiet office to consume coffee and wake up. Sounds great right? And then my oldest came in complaining of pain from a chipped tooth she had. We knew it was chipped but it was a baby tooth and she had told me the night before that it was loose so I was hoping it would fall out soon.  But since it had … [Read more...]

What’s in a Name?

minted 1

When I was little my aunt gave me personalized note cards. They were gorgeous. Delicate pastel flowers danced around the edge with my full name pressed into the paper with pink metallic foil.  I hoarded those cards only using them for the best notes and replies to people. They were so special that I still have one stored away in my childhood things.  If you ask my kids they'll tell you that I grew up in the early 1900's when the printing press was just invented. Truthfully I was raised in the 80's when you had to mail order personalized cards such as those.  You see, … [Read more...]

Does Ice Water Really Make a Difference?

I admit it - for awhile there I was in the naysayer camp when it comes to the Ice Bucket Challenges that you've probably seen all over Facebook.  Seriously I thought how can it matter when people are just dumping water on their head and probably not doing anything else?  And then I slowly started to realize that all the sudden these challenges for ALS were going viral and people that had never heard of ALS were talking about it. A disease that is not as recognized or rallied behind such as cancer or diabetes was finally getting a moment in the spotlight. Awareness for ALS was … [Read more...]

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