The Perfect Harry Potter Birthday Party

The Best Harry Potter Birthday Ideas! Throw and amazing party in the Harry Potter Style

One thing is true - Harry Potter fans are fierce! They know the books and movies forwards and back again. Some of them are so loyal that they're even willing to put a Ministy of Magic sticker on their toilet. So that's why it makes perfect sense to throw them the Perfect Harry Potter Birthday Party for their birthdays.  However the problem at my house is that it's filled with girly girls who want princess parties and only one man who loves Harry Potter but might be too old for a themed party.  That's why we're going to host a virtual birthday party for Mr. Byrd (who's … [Read more...]

Painting With Young Kids

Painting with kids

Painting with young kids is fun but it can be a hassle. There's spilled paint, painted siblings, painted hair, paint in the nose and maybe even paint in the ears.  Painting with young kids can give you gray hair way before your time.  But with a few simple tips, painting with young kids can be easier.  1.  Mix a few drops of dish soap into paint when painting with kids. The soap helps it easily clean up, especially when the paint gets dripped or spilled on clothing.  2. Buy powdered Tempra paint. Yes, it can be messy to mix and the powder can go everywhere if … [Read more...]

The Weekend Whirlwind

kralka family

Sometimes we live by the hair of our chinny chin chins.  This weekend was one of those times. I knew Mr. Byrd was going hunting so I decided at the last minute to head up to the DFW area to see my grandfather, who is back in the hospital.  Last minute meaning that Wednesday night I decided to leave Thursday around lunch time.  So on the ride home from church Wednesday when the girls were going on and on about their Valentine's party with our friends the next day, I had to break it to them that we were going to DFW instead. Of course Mr. Byrd being the helpful on that he … [Read more...]

A Valentine For My Glue Gun

What is Love? Baby Don't Burn me, don't burn me no more

Does anyone else feel this way?  So tomorrow's the big day! Mr. Byrd and I are not spending it together. Not because we're anti-love but because he's hunting and I'm not hunting (ever).  I hope that your Valentine's Day is full of love and happiness and free of glue gun burns!  Jump over to the Clumsy Crafters FB group and share your Valentine's Day Crafts! When you're done with that check Instagram to see what I'm up to this weekend. Hint - it doesn't involve Houston.    … [Read more...]

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and Pretzels

how to make chocolate dipped strawberries

There's a simple answer to any question that begins with "what do I do with?".  The answer is - dip it in chocolate.  Ok so maybe that won't work for everything but wouldn't it be glorious if it did?  "Mom, what do I do with the cat that won't stop meowing?".   Dip it in chocolate. "Honey what do I do with this sink full of dirty dishes?" Dip it in chocolate. Ok so that won't work. But there is one simple thing that always does work - Chocolate dipped strawberries and pretzels. But how do you make chocolate dipped strawberries or chocolate dipped … [Read more...]

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