How Did You Get So Crafty?

Ate glue as a child

I get the question all the time "how did you get so crafty?" as I bet most of you do as well. Well, now you know how to answer! Just don't prove it to them or offer them pictures as proof.  Feel free to print this and use it for your own personal use. Do not sell this print or use it for commercial reasons.  Print the PDF Version Ate Glue as a child and make it into a greeting card for a friend or just print it and hang it.  You can also right click the picture to save it to your phone and use it as your background.  Enjoy!    … [Read more...]

Repurposing Old Bags (and I don’t mean me)

How to take and old promotional tote to a really cute bag! Repurpose and resue!

It seems like no matter what profession you're in there will always be plenty of one thing - promotional bags and totes. Don't get me wrong, they are so handy to have at conference to carry your stuff in. It's so nice to be handed a bag to put everything into when your hands just can't carry anything else. But then you get home and you've left with a pile of bags that have the brand logo on them. What do you do with promotional totes and bags when the event is over? Sure you can still use them but what about when the conference no longer exists? Or what if you see a great tote bag at the … [Read more...]

Life Lately…..


  Lately we've been doing some decluttering - cleaning out old drawers and finding forgotten photos.    Enjoying the perks of summer.   Making more summer perks- Apple Pie Popsicles.   Playing and being silly.    Finding turtles everywhere.    Spending our days surrounded by water.   Making yummy things.   Working on new projects.   Using way too much painters tape.   Playing with color. But most of all, enjoying each … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Cow Costumes!

Quick and Easy DIY Cow Costume - perfect for Chickfila Cow appreciation day!

Sometimes in life you just need a quick and easy cow costume right? You can wear it to the bank, to the gym or even to visit your lawyer. Ok just kidding but if you're a fan of Chickfila than you do need a Cow Costume that's easy to make for their Cow Appreciate Day.  If you're not familiar with Chickfila (let us pray for you) than let me explain. Cow Appreciation Day is their own special celebration that they hold once a year. On that day if you dress up as a cow you get a free meal. Who doesn't love a free meal?  However I've found that with kids it's always good to have a … [Read more...]

Choosing a Good and Happy Place

Choosing a Good Place

Today (Wednesday) was a long day and it's ending as a sad day.  My family is fine but there's other families in my area today that are dealing with extraordinary amounts of grief and that breaks my heart. Lately it's been one of those times for me that it seems everything is going wrong.  We came home from our weekend away to find that our extra freezer had glitched and all of our meat had to be trashed. We found a hold in the cement on our front porch where someone had drilled into the concrete. We have no clue why they would do that or even when.  The spout in … [Read more...]

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