Dealing with Dizziness

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There's something you don't know about me. I'm ditzy... err.. I mean dizzy. When I was a teen I was diagnosed as having chronic inner ear. Basically it means that I occasionally have bouts of dizziness, ligh theadedness, and nausea. Usually it's also accompanied with headaches, ear aches and a stiff neck and body from holding my head really still. I've tried different medicines over the years to stop the dizziness when I have an episode of it but they all make me a zombie. If I take one pill I'll be asleep for an entire day. My doctor has told me that this is the side effect for all the … [Read more...]

Amazon Update


Wednesday twitter was a firestorm of rage and fury as the word spread that Amazon was selling a book about how to be a better pedophile and not get caught. You can find my original post about it here. I was blown away about this and quite shocked that a company so many blogger and parents rely on was selling a book such as that based on the freedom of speech and press argument. One day I was looking for books for my kids on that website and the next day I found out that the same website was selling a book to possibly endanger my kids. Thousands, if not more, of people called, wrote, … [Read more...]

Tip of the day

So I am finally here at my dad's house just north of Dallas. It was an extremely uneventful trip. Princess Newbie slept most of the way and we only had to make one stop in Waco for lunch. The older two girls were extremely well behaved as well except for one time when I had to get onto Princess Girly Girl for something. I told her that she was too old to behave that way and her response was, "I'm not old, I'm beautiful.". That is my new motto in life. I had to turn my head to keep her from seeing me laugh. She is something else! From now on I just want you all to know that I'm not old, I'm … [Read more...]