Are You A Great Mom? Free Printable

Good Moms Let you Lick the beaters, great moms turn it off first - free printable

Funny Free Printable! Good moms let you lick the beaters but great moms turn them off first! The perfect thing to print and give to a friend having a rough day or make it your phone wallpaper for a giggle.  Ugh friends. Mama was moody on Sunday. I laid down to take a nap and the second my head hit the pillow my neighbor's little boy started playing basketball, right outside the bedroom window. He's the best kid so I tried to just ignore it but all I could hear was the ball hitting the concrete - again and again - bam, bam, bam... bam, bam, bam. Occasionally it would hit their truck … [Read more...]

Free Christmas Gift Tags

Free Whimsical Christmas Labels from Clumsy Crafter

Today I'm taking a little vacation to spend with my family so today I'm going to share this older post with you. For those of you that are busy wrapping gifts and need some free printable gift tags, look no further! Print these on sticker paper or on cardstock and you'll have cute whimsical tags for your gifts. _________________________________________________________________ For those of you like myself that are finishing up their christmas shopping now and haven't even thought of wrapping gifts, I made these free Printable Christmas Labels for you. Why you ask? Because we all know … [Read more...]

How Did You Get So Crafty?

Ate glue as a child

I get the question all the time "how did you get so crafty?" as I bet most of you do as well. Well, now you know how to answer! Just don't prove it to them or offer them pictures as proof.  Feel free to print this and use it for your own personal use. Do not sell this print or use it for commercial reasons.  Print the PDF Version Ate Glue as a child and make it into a greeting card for a friend or just print it and hang it.  You can also right click the picture to save it to your phone and use it as your background.  Enjoy!    … [Read more...]

You Are Enough!

You are Enough

  You can't do everything.  You can be everywhere. There's only one of you.  You can't be perfect. And you know what?  You're wonderful as you are. Let the weight off your shoulders, it wasn't made to go there. Take a break, put your feet up.  Most importantly just accept that you are enough, as you are right now.  You are enough. So stop beating youself up. You have one life. You won't get it all right. But you will be enough as you are.    You Are Enough  - Print it out and  hang it where … [Read more...]

Being a Rainbow – Maya Angelou

Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud - Maya Angelou quote

Something has always drawn me to Maya Angelou. Her voice mixed with her words were just full of astonishing beauty.  One of my favorite quotes by her is "Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud".  It's a call to encourage others. You might not succeed to be the rainbow in their cloud but at least you tried.  They will always remember that you tried, that you reached out.  There's many points that I disagree with her on. There's things that she fought for, such as feminism, that I don't agree with (sorry - I'm a hard core conservative). But there's one thing I agree … [Read more...]

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